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Which Is The Best Bow In Genshin Impact

Know the best bow to equip your character with.

Genshin Impact has a lot of characters you can choose from. Each character has its own set of weapon sets. For instance, one of the character Razor can only use claymores. Similarly, there are only three characters until now in the game who can use bows. However, despite the numbers, bows hold significant importance as they are a great weapon for ranged attacks. In this guide, we will walk you through which is the best bow in Genshin Impact and why we think so.


Genshin Impact: Which is the Best Bow

Frankly speaking, due to the fewer number of characters using bows as weapons, there is no right way to say which bow is the best. That’s because depending on the skills and abilities, each character can use a different bow at their advantage.

The three characters that can use bows are Amber, Fischl, and Venti. Amber is a free character in the game, and therefore, does not have many great of strengths. This left us with only Fischl and Venti. Firstly, getting these characters in Genshin Impact is random and based on Gacha Wish banner systems.

Now coming straight to the point, Rust bow is best paired with Fischl. Rust bow increases the rapid-fire/normal attack damage by 40% at rank 1. It also reduces the aimed damage by 10%.

It is not that other characters won’t benefit from Rust, but it is best for Fischl. However, Fischl can only be obtained by wishes. Hence, an alternative bow is which is easy to get is Slingshot. Venti is better with Stringless due to airy and supportive combat and game style. It increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 24%.

Now you know which is the best Bow in Genshin Impact according to the character you have unlocked. There are several characters you can unlock in Genshin Impact. To start with, you can read how to get Qiqi, Klee, and Xiangling in Genshin Impact.