How To Get More Wishes In Genshin Impact (Intertwined & Acquaint Fate)

Here is how you can make more Banner pulls by getting wishes in Genshin Impact.

The gacha mechanism has Genshin Impact players looking for ways to get wishes. It is required is used to get characters, weapons, other items, and more. But you will soon run out of the different currencies needed to make these pulls. So here is how you can get more Intertwined Fate, Acquaint Fate, and Primogems.

How to Get More Wishes in Genshin Impact

how to get more wishes in genshin impact

For making Wishes most players will be using Primogems so you should focus on collecting them, especially if you are a free-to-play player. You can also convert Primogems into Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate from Paimon’s Bargains. Intertwined Fate is used on Event Wishes, these are the banners that feature new and old 5-star characters. As for Acquaint Fate, you can use it on the Standard Wish.

Now that you know what both these Wishes currency does, here is how you can get more of them:

Buy More Wishes in Genshin Impact

buy genesis crystals and turn them into primogems

Using your real money you can purchase Genesis Crystals, which you can then convert into Primogems. Here are the prices for them:

  • 60 Genesis Crystals: $0.99
  • 300 Genesis Crystals: $4.99
  • 980 Genesis Crystals: $14.99
  • 1980 Genesis Crystals: $29.99
  • 3280 Genesis Crystals: $49.99
  • 6480 Genesis Crystals: $99.99

You even get additional Genesis crystals for your first purchase for buying 300 Genesis Crystals or more.

Buy the Battle pass

buy genshin impact battle pass

The premium tier of the Battle pass also known as the Gnostic Hymn gives you Intertwined Fate and Primogems. You can buy the Battlepass for 10$. But if you choose to stick with the free version of it, known as the Sojourner’s Battle Pass, you will still get Acquaint Fate at different tiers.

Free ways to Get Wishes in Genshin Impact

In case you don’t want to spend real money on the game then you can still get Wishes for free. Do remember that this requires playing the game a lot and collecting Primogems. These methods let you get some Wishes for free:

  • Participating in Events
  • Using Codes
  • Converting Masterless Stardust & Starglitter
  • Collecting Primogems
  • Leveling up your Adventure Rank

Participate in Events

participate in genshin impact events to get more primogems and wishes

Genshin Impact always has some events ongoing in the game. These could be simple things like logging in daily. Or it could give you various tasks like fighting enemies in a certain time limit or scoring “n” number of points. The rewards for such events often give you free Primogems (as you can see above) or even Acquaint or Intertwined Fates.

Use Codes

redeem codes for more wishes

Genshin Impact allows its players to use codes to get freebies. Open your Settings and go to the Account Tab. Here click on the Redeem Code option and use the available codes. If the code works you will get its rewards in your in-game mail. Or the game will tell you if the code you used was expired or already used by you. New players can always use the code “GENSHINGIFT”. I suggest you check out our Genshin Impact Codes for more.

Convert Masterless Stardust & Starglitter

convert stardust and starglitter for wishes in genshin

Each time you get a weapon or a character that you already have you get two of these currencies. You get 15 Masterless Stardust for every 3-star weapon that you already have. And Masterless Starglitter for every 4 or 5-star weapon or character that you already have. You can convert these currencies at Paimon’s Bargains. These are worth:

  • 75 Masterless Stardust: Intertwined Fate x1 (Can buy 5 every month)
  • 75 Masterless Stardust: Acquaint Fate x1 (Can buy 5 every month)
  • 5 Masterless Starglitter: Intertwined Fate x1
  • 5 Masterless Starglitter: Acquaint Fate x1

Collecting Primogems

I know I have already mentioned a few times now, that you can use Primogems for making wishes. But here are two ways you can get 60 Primogems daily.

  • Complete the 4 daily commissions
  • Collecting your daily commissions’ rewards from the Adventurers guild.

Aside from that there are many more things you can do like complete quests, increase your AR (Adventure Rank), open chests, and more. Check out our guide on how to Get Primogems fast.

Increase your Adventure Rank

claim adventure rank rewards

Finally, if you are interested in making Standard Wishes then you should also focus on increasing your Adventure Rank. From this method, you will get Acquaint Fate as a reward for reaching a certain AR. Currently, you get:

  • AR 5: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 13: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 20: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 24: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 33: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 39: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 44: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 50: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 52: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 53: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 54: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 55: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 56: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 57: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 58: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 59: Acquaint Fate x1
  • AR 60: Acquaint Fate x3

That covers this guide on all ways you can get Wishes. For more help on other topics for this game don’t forget to check our Genshin Impact section.