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How To Use And Restore Original Resin In Genshin Impact

Get the energy back.

Original Resin is energy resources available in Genshin Impact. They get depleted on completion of certain activities, and when they get to zero, players are forbidden from performing those activities. This can halt the progress and hinder the excitement of players. Hence, it is vital to know how to use and restore Original Resin in Genshin Impact. In this Genshin Impact Original Resin guide, we will discuss all the actions they use Resin and how we as players can restore them to continue playing our favourite game.

How to Use Original Resin in Genshin Impact

Original Resin is used for certain activities that include, abyssal domains, Ley Line Outcrops, Hypostasis, and killing certain bosses. After completion of both these activities, when you will head to collect their rewards, a small amount of Original Resin will get depleted. Currently, these are the only best ways to use Original Resin in Genshin Impact.

how to restore original resin in genshin impact

How to Restore Original Resin in Genshin Impact

There are two ways to restore Original Resin, one is by waiting for them to get restored over time and the other is by using primogems. The auto-restoration rate for Original Resin is 1 per 8 minutes. They can also get restored when the app is closed and you are not playing the game. But looking at the consumption rate, this can be a pretty lengthy process. If you don’t want to wait this long, you can restore Original Resin in Genshin Impact via the alternative method.

The alternative method is by using primogems. The issue with restoring Resin with primogems is that the amount of primogems required keeps on increasing with each use. You can restore Original Resin for a total of 6 times per day. Below is the list of primogems required to restore it each time.

Primogem CostAmount Restored
1st Restore5060
2nd Restore10060
3rd Restore10060
4th Restore15060
5th Restore20060
6th Restore20060

The amount keeps on increasing each time, hence, you need to farm a lot of primogems in Genshin Impact. Having an ample amount can be useful as they are also used to unlock and get new characters in the game.

That’s how you use and restore Original Resin in Genshin Impact. While here, you can read our other guides such as how to get star glitters, a type of currency, in Genshin Impact. You can also read how to get Diluc character or where to find Noctilucous Jade location in Genshin Impact.

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