Genshin Impact: How To Get Diluc

Get the S tier character Diluc.

Diluc is a Tier S character in Genshin Impact and all the fans want him, who don’t want a Tier S character. This guide will describe everything about Diluc. We will begin right from who is Diluc, his combat info, constellation, ascensions, and how to get Diluc in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Diluc Character Guide

Who is Diluc?

Diluc is the wealthiest person in Mondstadt who has sworn to protect the city against whoever wishes bad for it. He is a fire elemental character with elemental burst and charged attacks being his strength. Claymore is his weapon and he has a 5-star rarity.

What are Diluc’s Talents (Skills/Attacks)

Tempered Sword

Tempered Sword is a combat talent with normal and charged attacks possibilities. In normal attack, Diluc performs a 4 consecutive-strike attack. In the charged mode he performs a series of slash attacks.

Snearing Onslaught

It is an Elemental Skill combat talent. In this attack, Diluc performs forward slashes and deals damage to opponents. Snearing Onslaught can be used three times consecutively.


Dawn is an Elemental Burst combat talent. Flames are emitted from Diluc’s body that knockdown nearby enemies. The flames then become a blade that flies forward and deals Pyro DMG to everyone in the path.


It is the first passive talent of Diluc. His stamina deduction for charged attacks is reduced by 50% and the duration is boosted by 3s.

Blessing of Phoenix

This is the second passive skill that gives a Pyro DMG bonus for 12s to Diluc after using Dawn talent. During this time, all his normal and charged attacks can deal Pyro DMG to enemies.

Cook for Battle

He receives 1 additional proficiency when he performs perfect cooking.

Diluc’s Constellation


Deals 15% more damage to enemies with more than 50% HP.

Searing Ember

His base attack increases by 10% and speed increases by 5% for 10s when he takes damage.

Steel and Fire

Increases Searing Onslaught level by 3.

Flowing Flame

When Diluc uses Searing Onslaught consecutively, his damage increases exponentially.

Phoenix Harbinger of Dawn

Increases Dawn’s skill level by 3.

Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark

The normal attacks cast within 6s after using Snearing Onslaught will have 30% more damage and attack speed.

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Diluc’s Ascensions

Below is the list of ascensions along with the ingredients required.

Ascension Max Level Mora Required Ingredients
1st 20 20,000 Agnidus Agate Sliver x 1, Small Lamp Grass x 3, Recruit’s Insignia x 3
2nd 40 40,000 Agnidus Agate Fragment x 3, Everflame Seed x 2, Small Lamp Grass x 10, Recruit’s Insignia x 15
3rd 50 60,000 Agnidus Agate Fragment x 6, Everflame Seed x 4, Small Lamp Grass x 20, Sergeant’s Insignia x 12
4th 60 80,000 Agnidus Agate Chunk x 3, Everflame Seed x 8, Small Lamp Grass x 30, Sergeant’s Insignia x 18
5th 70 ? Agnidus Agate Chunk x 6, Everflame Seed x 12, Small Lamp Grass x 45, Lieutenant’s Insignia x 16
6th 80 ? Agnidus Agate Gemstone x 6, Everflame Seed x 20, Small Lamp Grass x 60, Lieutenant’s Insignia x 24

How to Get Diluc

Getting Diluc in Genshin Impact depends on luck. It is similar to getting any other character in the game. What you need to do is unlock the library to be able to make wishes. Next, get more wishes by using fates. Fates or the Gacha Wish Banners is what helps you unlock characters in Genshin Impact. You can farm primogems and then convert them into fates. When you have enough wishes use them to get new characters. The higher the bundle the higher is the rarity of characters you get. If you are lucky enough, you will get Diluc in Genshin Impact.

That’s everything you need to know about Diluc and how to get him in Genshin Impact. You can read about other things like how to get Noctilucous Jade resource or how to cook in Genshin Impact.

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