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Which Are The Best Swords In Genshin Impact

Find the best swords to equip in Genshin Impact.

You will have to look after providing your characters with appropriate weapons to make them powerful and stronger in Genshin Impact. Each character uses a different set of weapons. However, the most used weapon or the weapon that is a part of most characters set is the sword. Hence, it is necessary for you to have a detailed knowledge of the best swords in Genshin Impact. This guide will help you with just that.

Genshin Impact: Best Swords


Before getting into the best swords, let’s find out the swords tier list in Genshin Impact.

  • Tier S: Prototype Rancour, Blackcliff Longsword, Skyward Blade, The Alley Flash, Aquila Favonia
  • Tier A: Royal Long Sword, Iron String, The Black Sword, The Flute, Lion’s Roar
  • Tier B: Traveler Handy Sword, Sacrificial Sword, Dark Iron Sword, Favonius Sword
  • Tier C: Skyrider Sword, Harbinger of Dawn, Fillet Blade, Cool Steel
  • Tier D: Dull Blade, Silver Sword

It is pretty obvious that all the swords in Tier S are the best ones in Genshin Impact. However, we have provided each of the Tier S swords below with a description of the combat benefits they provide. This will help you make better decisions to choose the sword according to your character and game style.


Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia is the best of swords in Genshin Impact with up to 48 base damage attack at level 1. It is a five-star sword with passive abilities that increases attacks, HPs, and damage to surrounding enemies.

Skyward Blade


Skyward Blade has 44 base attack damage at level 1. It is a five-star sword with passive skills that increases Movement SPD, DMG of Normal and Charged attacks, ATK SPD, Crit Rate.

Blackcliff Longsword

It’s the next best sword in Genshin Impact. With 44 base attack damage at level 1. It is a four-star sword. Blackcliff Longsword’s passive abilities increases attack.

The Alley Flash


The Alley Flash is a four-star sword with a base attack damage of 44 at level 1. The passive skill increases attack for 6 seconds.

Prototype Rancour

Prototype Rancour is the last sword in Tier S. It is a four-star sword with 44 base attack damage at level 1. The passive ability increases base attack and defense for 6s.

That’s the list of best swords in Genshin Impact. Collect these swords from wishes to equip your characters with the best in Genshin Impact. Apart from the sword, there is also the best bow to equip in the game according to the game style and weapon set of the characters you have.