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Genshin Impact: What Are The Best Claymores

Here's the list of best claymores in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is filled with characters each having a different set of skills and abilities. Depending on these sets of skills and abilities, each character in the game has a different set of weapons they can use. One of these weapons is the claymore used by characters including Diluc and Razor. There are several claymores available in Genshin Impact. Hence, it is important to know which ones are the best so that you can equip your most powerful character with the best weapon to make him or her stronger. Here are the best claymores in Genshin Impact.


What are the Best Claymores in Genshin Impact

The best claymores in Genshin Impact are but obvious the ones from Tier S. The Tier S claymores include Skyward Pride, Royale Greatsword, Prototype Aminus, Wolf’s Gravestone. Here are the benefits that these claymores provide.

Wolf’s Gravestone

Wolf’s Gravestone is a five-star claymore that deals 46 base attack damage at level 1. Its passive abilities increase base attack damage significantly on enemies having health below 30%. It further benefits all the other crewmates as well by increasing their base attack damage for 12 seconds.

Skyward Pride

The next best claymore in Genshin Impact is Skyward Pride with 45 base attack damage at level 1. It has a lot of passive abilities. Firstly, it increases damage on every hit after using a normal, charged, or element burst attack. It also creates a vacuum blade that deals damage to enemies who are in the path of the blade.


Prototype Aminus

This is the best claymore that can be crafted and not requires to be obtained by wishes. Prototype Aminus deals 44 base attack damage at level 1. The passive skills create a 50% chance after hits for dealing additional damage to enemies within a small radius.

Royale Greatsword

The Royale Greatsword is the next best claymore in Genshin Impact that deals 43 base attack damage in level 1. The passive ability of this claymore is generated after being hit. The charged attacks after being hit increases base attack and defense for 10 seconds.

The first two claymores mentioned in this list are the best ones and the most powerful ones. However, you can only obtain them by wishes. Hence, players sometimes also look for other easily obtainable alternatives like Prototype Aminus.


That’s the list of best claymores in Genshin Impact. Claymores are just one of the weapons in the game. You need to know about each of the weapons available if you want to make your characters stronger and progress quickly in the game. You can read our other best weapon guides such as the best bows and best swords in Genshin Impact. These guides will help you always choose the best weapon for your character.