Genshin Impact Lost Box: Where To Find Viktor’s Box (A Mysterious Loss)

Here's the location of Viktor's Lost Box in Genshin Impact. Know how to find it with this method.

Where is Victor’s Lost Box in Genshin Impact’s A Mysterious Loss? Players around the world are wondering the same and if you don’t know which exact location to go to, you will spend a lot of time searching for it. This objective is a part of the quest from the Unreconciled Stars event. You can unlock it if you have Adventure rank 20 and have already completed What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals story quest. When you meet the Fatui Diplomat named Viktor, he will tell you that he’s lost a box while escaping from Electro Slimes and you need to find it for him. In return, he will tell you about the Falling Meteorites. Plus, you can also talk to him again to get more hints. So, without further ado, here’s where to find Viktor’s Lost Box in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Viktor’s Lost Box Location: Where is it?

Since Viktor says that he lost the box near the Thousand Winds Temple, you need to visit its location on the map by using a waypoint nearby.


Once you are there, use your Elemental Sight on the hill to find Viktor’s Box. You will get a hint that the Electro traces probably come from that box since Electro Slimes interacted with it. You will encounter some Slimes at the end of your journey so go ahead and take them out. That’s how to find Viktor’s Lost Box in Genshin Impact.

Once you have discovered it, go back to the Cathedral and give it to him. Now when you ask him about the Meteorites, he will tell you that he has no clue! So this effort led to no new information but it doesn’t go to waste because you obtain 25,000 Mora, 40 Primogems and 20 Fading Star’s Essence as a reward. Not bad!

With the 20 Fading Star’s Essence, you can keep stocking up more (a total of 110) and exchange a Crown of Sagehood for them.

That’s everything on where to find Viktor’s Lost Box in Genshin Impact (A Msyterious Loss). If you are on the hunt for more items and resources, we’ve got the locations for you. Here’s how to get and farm Lotus Heads, Apples and also how to make Qingce Stir Fry. There’s lots more in our Genshin Impact guides too!