Genshin Impact: Where To Find Apples Location

Where to get apples in Genshin Impact? Get the answer here.

Apples in Genshin Impact are an ingredient in cooking and you will find them hanging on apple tree branches, of course. In terms of benefits, an apple will affect your health by restoring 300 HP. If you want to learn about this specific item, the dishes you can craft with it, its effects and apple tree locations, check out this guide till the end.

How to Get Apples in Genshin Impact

There are few known apple tree locations where you can find and get apples during your quest. Plus, during the Marvelous Merchandise Event, you are asked to bring apples by Liben. You can get them all near Stormbearer Mountains shown in the maps below:

genshin-impact-where-to-find-apple-trees genshin-impact-apples-location

Marvelous-Merchandise-Event-apples liben-request-apples


Head to the apple tree locations shown and look around for apples noticeably hanging on them. Approach the tree and then keep attacking it until you obtain apples in Genshin Impact.

Apart from this, you can find apples in the wild by exploring various places and searching for apple trees. They are quite uncommon so you need to keep an eye out for their spawns at all times.

Once you find the delicious apples, you can craft a Satisfying Salad from it. It will increase the CRIT rate of all party members by 6 to 12% for 300 seconds. The ingredients needed are 2 Cabbages, 2 Apples, 1 Bird Egg and 1 Potato.

You can also prepare a special dish called Supreme Wisdom (Life) which will increase the CRIT rate of all members of the party by 16% for 300 seconds. But note that in co-op mode, the effect will work only on your own characters. This dish needs the same ingredients as Satisfying Salad.

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