Genshin Impact: Where To Find And Get Mint

By Nikita
3 Min Read

Mint in Genshin Impact is an item that you can use is a variety of dishes. You can find it in the wild and you can also buy it from certain shops. In this article, we will show the Mint location. This will help you out when Liben requests Mint during the Marvelous Merchandise event so that you can get rewards in exhange. So, here’s how to get Mint in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Mint Location and Farming

You can find Mint in Mondstadt’s wild and from Chloris shop. Chloris is a traveling botanist that you will find in Mondstadt’s Windrise area. Stay on the path right above the Windrise word on the map and you will find Chloris location.

chloris location genshin impact

Talk to this wandering NPC and when you access the shop menu, you will find Mint in it. You can purchase up to 10 Mint from her. If you want, you can buy some more items from her like Valberry, Philanemo Mushroom and Wolfhook as well.

where to buy mint genshin impact

How to Use Mint

You can use Mint in various recipes including Cold Cut platter, Die Heilige Sinfonie, Radish Veggie Soup, A Prize Catch, Calla Lily Seafood Soup. Plus, it will also come in handy for the Mint Essential Oil.

  • Cold Cut Platter: 1x Ham, 1x Bacon, 1x Sausage, 1x Mint
  • Die Heilige Sinfonie: 1x Ham, 1x Bacon, 1x Sausage, 1x Mint
  • Radish Veggie Soup: 1x Radish, 1x Mint
  • A Prize Catch: 4x Crab, 1x Calla Lily, 2x Mint
  • Calla Lily Seafood Soup: 4x Crab, 1x Calla Lily, 2x Mint
  • Mint Essential Oil: 3x Mint

So, you will get Mint in Genshin Impact in the Mondstadt area either in the wild where it grows or buy it from Chloris, the traveling botanist.

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