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Which Game Difficulty Should You Choose in Trials of Mana Remake?

See what each difficulty has to offer

Trials of Mana Remake is the 3D remake of the popular 1995 game. In this reimagination, there are a lot of changes and additions made to the game. The best part about Trials of Mana is that you can experience multiple playthroughs of the game with different characters and classes. Of course, you can also change the game difficulty to increase or decrease your level of challenge. Keep reading to know which is the perfect difficulty level for you.

Game Difficulty in Trials of Mana Remake

You will see four levels of game difficulty. They are Beginner, Easy, Normal and Hard. To change it, you can go to the Settings Menu. Now, let’s take a look at which game difficulty is best suited for you.


If you are just starting out with this type of game and don’t want to be annoyed by tough enemies, try this difficulty. In Beginner, you can actually focus on enjoying the story since enemy hordes won’t be as powerful as other difficulties. The spawn rate will be less too, so this is ideal for you if you want this game to be a breeze.


This game difficulty offers a tougher version of Beginner. The spawn rate will also be higher than what it was previously. Overall, this game difficulty is for those who don’t want to be absolute beginners but also aren’t yet ready for the normal format.


This difficulty is for players who wish to play the game with moderate difficulty. The spawn rate of opponents will be normal and they can’t be taken down easily. It does get more challenge as you go further ahead.


Choose this if you are looking to play a highly challenging game where a lot of enemies will spawn and will be tough to beat. If you are a pro at this genre of games, then this is what you should be going for. This is perfect for you if you prefer to enter brutal battles and get bragging rights when you emerge victoriously.

These were all the difficulties in the game. As you reach the end, you will find that there’s a Time Trial Mode where you can earn special Chain Abilities for defeating a post-game boss within certain time limits. For this purpose, you will need to beat the boss on normal and hard difficulties. If you want to know more, check out our guide on Time Trial mode.

So this all about choosing a game difficulty that is most appropriate for you in Trials of Mana Remake. Go ahead and adjust it as you like and enjoy playing the game. While you are at it, check out our other useful guides for tips to level up quickly, farm item seeds, make money fast and more.