Can You Fix Media Streaming Error In Fortnite Festival?

Although Fortnite has been pretty successful and smooth when it comes to festival events, the Fortnite Festival has seen its lion share of errors. The latest one to annoy players is the Fortnite Festival Media Streaming error which won’t let you play any songs in the game.

While there is no confirmed source of issue for this error, servers could be one since many players are turning up for the festival. Before you go through our troubleshooting tips, do check the Fortnite server status and see if they are functioning properly.

Fortnite Festival Media Streaming Error Troubleshooting Tips

Can You Fix Media Streaming Error In Fortnite Festival
Image Source: Epic Games

Although there is no permanent fix for the Fortnite Festival Media Streaming error, Epic Games have confirmed that they are aware about this error and they are looking into it. So the best course of action for players is to wait for a permanent solution that the devs provide. Hopefully, a patch work for the game is enough and not a giant update.

Having said that, the most common temporary solution that players have found is to restart the device they are playing and head back into the festival. Since Fortnite Festival is not letting you play songs, it’s best that you give your PC or console a good rest and restart to clear any unnecessary heating.

While it should’t really be the cause for the Fortnite Festival Media Streaming error, there is the possibility that the game is not receiving the proper bandwidth that should be allocated to it for running smoothly. Do look into this as well and give your router or modem a reset to try and temporarily fix things.

Although the devs are aware on the error, you can try contacting Fortnite Support and they might be able to help you further. However, we don’t see these issues going away without a patch or an update.

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