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What Are Shepp And How To Find Them In Palia

Do this to complete the Find Your Shepp quest of Palia and become part of Majiri.

Got Find Your Shepp quest from Eshe in Palia, but have no idea how to find and join them? We have listed all the Shepp candidates and explained how to complete this quest. Completing Eshe’s quests is necessary to fully embrace the Majiri virtues and truly become one of them. But she gives many quests, like Prove Your Purpose, Generosity, Devotion, Fork in the Path, Find Your Shepp, and A Perfect Pearl. We can’t expect anything less from a Magistrate though.

How to Complete Find Your Shepp Quest in Palia

Palia Shepp Guide

Shepp is similar to a mentor. And all adult villagers are eligible for it. You have to earn the trust of the NPC who you want to make your Shepp. But that is not easy, you have to reach level 4 Friendship with the one you are aiming for. That is difficult, but you can get to that level faster by completing their quest, talking to them, and gifting them what they love most. Read along to know how you can ask someone to be your Shepp in Palia.

How to Ask Villagers to Be Your Shepp

Once you have reached level 4 Friendship, you will see the dialogue “Will you be my Shepp?” while talking. Select that dialogue and ask them to be your mentor. If you see this dialogue before reaching Friendship Level 4, avoid it. Some rejection replies are taunts. Such as Ashura while rejecting says “All of us in Kilima take the role very seriously, and you should too”.

All Shepp Candidates of Palia

  • Ashura
  • Badruu
  • Caleri
  • Chayne
  • Delaila
  • Einar
  • Elouisa
  • Hassian
  • Hodari
  • Jel
  • Jina
  • Kenli
  • Kenyatta
  • Nai’o
  • Reth
  • Sifuu
  • Tamala
  • Tish
  • Zeki

That’s all about the Shepp and how to complete the Find your Shepp quest in Palia. If you found this guide informative and are looking for more topics from the game, check out our Palia guides. Start by learning how to fish and hunt.