Where To Find Sealant In Starfield

Want to craft something important and missing out on sealant? This guide will help you find and harvest it in Starfield.

Crafting in Starfield requires a lot of raw materials and resources. Sealant is one such material, used for gear mods and outposts building. There are multiple ways to obtain sealant throughout the Starfield world, this guide will help you locate and harvest it from various sources.

Where to Find Sealant in Starfield?

harvest Sealant in stafield
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Sealant in Starfield is an important element for crafting many things. From weapon upgrades, and base building, to improving your character’s gears and equipment. Fortunately, it is commonly found on different planets or even can be purchased from the shops in the game. Below is the list of plant and their location from where you can collect this resource.

Harvest Sealant from Flora

As mentioned above, you can harvest sealant from floras and some animals on different planets. There are some specific plants like Fallen Star Palm, Sandclaw, etc. that produce sealant.

In order to stock up on sealant, all you have to do is explore the vast vegetation on different planets where life exists and analyze the planet with your scanner. The process of farming and harvesting is simple, all you have to do is walk near the plant and interact with it using your scanner.

  • Fallen Star Palm Trees: Savannah region, Andromas II, Andromas System
  • SandClaw: Nesoi, Olympus System.

Purchasing Sealant

If you don’t want to spend time harvesting the sealant from plants, nor do you want to search for it. Head over to these shops in Starfield to purchase it from the merchants. Below are some traders you can visit to get sealant.

  • New Atlantis: Outland, Jemison Mercantile, UC Distribution, Apex Electronics
  • Akila City: Shepherd’s General Store
  • Neon: Sieghart’s Outfitters, Newill’s Goods
  • Cydonia: Denis Averin, Jane’s Goods

Additionally, you can loot sealant as you come across crates, boxes, containers, and lockers, or you can loot it from the enemy’s body you killed if they have it.

And that sums up everything about sealant and where to find it. If you can find this guide helpful, check out more on Starfield like how to find adhesive. Also, there are other materials like Titanium and Ytterbium that you should have in your inventory. Furthermore, you can go through our dedicated section for Starfield for more such guides.