Starfield Adhesive Location, Console Command & Item ID

Adhesive is used for upgrading gear and crafting weapon mods. But do you know where to find adhesive in Starfield?

Adhesive is a crucial crafting material in Starfield. As with previous Bethesda titles like Fallout 4, adhesive is needed to create and upgrade many items. While you can buy some adhesive from vendors, getting a steady supply requires work. We will cover all methods for acquiring adhesive in the game.

How to Get Adhesive in Starfield (Locations)


Adhesive is an important material needed for crafting and upgrades in Starfield. There are a few different methods you can use to get adhesive:

Buying from Vendors

The easiest way to get adhesive is to purchase it from vendors in settlements. Some vendors to check include:

  • Jemison Mercantile or Amoli Bava in New Atlantis – Check the resources section and buy any adhesive in stock. The inventory changes daily, so check back often.
  • Regular commercial shops like UC Exchange in major settlements – Check the resources sections in these shops. Stock will vary from day to day.

We recommend buying as much as possible when the adhesive is available – as stock is limited, buy all the adhesive you see to ensure you have enough. Prices will increase the more you buy.

Searching the Environment, Storage Containers, and Enemies

As you explore planets, scan plants to identify resources. Some plants will provide organic resources like adhesive and sealant. Harvest any plants that provide adhesive. Keep an eye out for storage containers as you explore.

Searching for defeated enemies can provide random loot rewards. While not guaranteed, you may come across adhesive when looting bodies.

How to Use Adhesive in Starfield?

Adhesive is used for upgrading weapons and armor. Applying it to your gear increases its damage resistance and durability. The more adhesive you use, the greater protection your equipment will have against enemy attacks. Checking gear upgrade recipes will show adhesive as a core component for improving defensive stats.

You can also use adhesive when crafting weapon mods. Attachments like scopes and muzzles require adhesive to build. Investing adhesive into weapon mods boosts critical stats like accuracy, range or damage. Adhesive allows you to tune your guns to your preferred playstyle.

What is Adhesive Item ID?

  • The Item ID of Adhesive is 000055B1.

Adhesive Console Command in Starfield

  • player.additem (Item ID) # – This Starfield cheat adds an item to your inventory and you can use the item ID 000055B1 instead of the # to get this resource. Note that using cheat codes will disable achievements.

That’s all on where to get adhesive in Starfield. As for help on any guides not mentioned here, head over to our Starfield section.