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Where To Find Heller In Starfield (Location)

Check out this guide to know where you can find Heller in the Back to Vectera questline in Starfield.

During the Back to Vectera questline, after fixing the comms computer and decoding the signal, players will need to find their fellow miner Heller first in Starfield. Locating Heller will help you know where the Crimson Fleet has taken Barrett in the game. Once you decode the emergency transmission from Barret himself, the mission objectives will be updated. After which you will have to follow the tracks and find the miner and the constellation member. If you don’t know where exactly to look for them, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Heller Location in StarfieldHeller Location In Starfield

Players can find Heller in the Valo system in Starfield. However, it is worth mentioning that the planet where Barrett is located will be different in every playthrough. However, you will find him on any one of the planets or their moons located in the Valo System. It is one of the closest star systems to Narion where Vectera and the Argos Extractor Outpost is located. Once you are done fixing the comms computer, you can talk to Lin outside the building. She will update you with everything and you will be able to recruit her, right there if you want to.

After which the mission objective will be updated with the planet or moon you will have to visit in the Valo system. The list of planets includes Virum, Prax, Golga, etc. Players can then head back to their ship and take off from Vectera. Once done, you will be able to travel directly to a specific planet mentioned in the Missions tab from the Starmap. You will have to simply select the marker and grav drive to the system. After scanning the planet or the moon, you will come across the Crashed Ship location it. Once landed, you will have to follow the marker once again to come across a crashed ship on the planet. Here, you will find Heller lying next to the ship while heavily medicated with painkillers in Starfield.

Players will then learn about Barrett’s fate from Heller and continue to find their fellow constellation member. After finding Heller, you can also recruit him directly with other members of the ship.

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