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Where To Find Weapon Workbench In Starfield (Location)

This guide lists the locations of weapon workbench on various planets in Starfield for crafting and modification.

Upgrading and modifying your weapons is essential for survival in Starfield’s unknown reaches of space. Whether you find yourself in a firefight with dangerous aliens or robbers or simply want to customize your arsenal for different mission types, having access to a weapons workbench is a must. We’ll show you where to find the weapon workbench in Starfield.

Weapon Workbench Locations in Starfield

Starfield New Atlantis Location

Weapon workbenches are essential for crafting and modifying weapons in Starfield. Here are some of the locations where you can find weapon workbenches spread across planets:

New Atlantis

  • The Lodge: One of the first weapon workbenches you’ll come across is in the basement of The Lodge. After completing the One Small Step main quest, you’ll gain access to The Lodge basement, which contains your workbench.
  • New Atlantis Residential District: Another workbench is in the Residential District of New Atlantis. Travel to the Residential District and peek behind the main counter for this public workbench.

Akila City

  • Rowland Arms: Head to the Rowland Arms weapons shop near the front entrance. Inside, you’ll find a workbench that you can use.
  • Laredo Firearms: A second workbench can be found at the back of Akila City in the Laredo Firearms shop. Having two workbenches in Akila gives you options on this busy planet.


  • Neon Tactical: Neon has a single workbench located inside the Neon Tactical weapon store. This workbench is handy while exploring the wild frontier planet of neon-lit city.

Various Shops

Beyond the major cities, you can often find workbenches in smaller weapon shops across various planets and moons. Stopping into stores in remote settlements may reveal additional workbenches you can utilize.

Your Settlements

Any settlement you establish as part of the Constellation faction will have a workbench you can build yourself. Expanding your settlements allows you to craft weapons on the go as you explore Starfield’s universe.

That’s all there is to know about the weapon workbenchs in Starfield. For more such informative content, be sure to take a look at our Starfield Wiki Guide.

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