Where To Find Caves In LEGO Fortnite

Are you looking for caves in LEGO Fortnite? Here is how to find them.

After progressing your village to level 4, you’ll require better resources. Gathering fruits and consumables is easy in the Grasslands, but for materials like Slurp Mushrooms, Rough Ruby, Sapphire, and Obsidian, caves in LEGO Fortnite are your best shot.

The world here is randomly generated, so they will rarely be in the same spot as others, which makes finding them a bit tough for some players. Depending heavily on your luck, you might have or haven’t found any by now. This guide focuses on ways to find and create a world where they are easily visible from the starter location.

How to Find and Enter a Cave in a Survival World LEGO Fortnite

Find and Enter a Cave in a Survival World LEGO Fortnite
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When you first create a world, there is no telling where it will take you; sometimes caves are nearby and sometimes they are not, but all worlds contain at least one cave. Grasslands, Dry Valley, and Frostlands are the three biomes where you will find any. Look for the round rock formations with entrances. They are huge, so missing them is hard. I would suggest going up high and looking down from there to find such formations, it worked for me and might work for you too.

Cave in a Survival World LEGO Fortnite
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Nothing is marked on the map from the beginning, but when you interact and enter the cave, it will automatically add a mountain icon to the location. If you have an uncommon or rare weapon, then set the spawn point near it and explore it all you want.

Seed Codes With Nearby Caves

Seed Codes With Nearby Caves
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Here are some of the seed codes with several caves near the spawn location. While creating the world, you have to enter these codes in the Override World Seed section:

  • 1820364159
  • 2104256465

That’s all on where to find caves in LEGO Fortnite. Now that you know how to find them, get equipped with the Sword before entering it. Also, for more such topics, check out our Fortnite section.