Moray Eels In Dave The Diver: How To Find & Catch

Having trouble catching the Moray Eel fish in Dave the Diver, then check out how you can do it.

Just like you, many players out there are looking forward to finding & catch the Moray Eel in Dave the Diver. That’s because this fish can be made into a tasty meal, which will surely please a critic in the game. And as a reward for doing that, you’ll get access to the Fish Farm feature. However, let us tell you getting your hands on this fish is not that easy and will take quite an effort. But if you’re ready to do what it takes then we’ll guide you through it. Below we have mentioned everything you need to know about finding and catching the Morya Eel fish easily.

Where to Catch Moray Eel Fish in Dave the Diver

Where to Catch Moray Eel Fish in Dave the Diver tips & tricks
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In Dave the Diver, to catch Moray Eel Fish you’ll have to unlock the Night Diving feature. Because this fish only comes out of their home at night. However, do note this feature is only unlocked after Otto visits your restaurant for the first time. And to make that happen, you’ll first have to complete the Duff’s Pink Delivery quests and defeat Giant Squid & John Watson. If you’ve already done that, then simply head to your restaurant and Otto will be waiting for you there.

After you unlocked the Night Diving feature, go ahead and dive into the blue hole at night. And make sure to keep an eye out for the Moray Eel fish, they have blackish color and are long in shape. Players will simply have to explore the depths until they find the Eels. While doing that do note, Moray Eels are also pretty powerful and can deal a good amount of damage. In this case, do bring a good weapon before diving in, and once you find the Eel strike it repeatedly. And after they’re injured use your Harpoon or net and that’ll do the trick. Once you have enough of it, go ahead and start the Noisy Customer quest to unlock the Fish Farm.

That covers everything about how you can find & catch Moray Eels in Dave the Diver easily. If you haven’t got your hands on the Jellyfish, then check out how to catch them. Also, take a look at the steps to sell Pearls & Gold Bars to make some profit.