How To Catch Jellyfish In Dave The Diver

Here's how you can catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver.

You can catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver to cook delicious food items. The task of catching this sea creature becomes important during the Jellyfish Event at the Sushi Bar. They aren’t much difficult to catch as compared to other fishes like a Shark or Swordfish. However, figuring out how to enter the ocean and catch a Jellyfish can become trickier. That’s why we are here to help you out with it. Take a look below to know how to catch a Jellyfish.

How to Trap a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

You will come across different types of Jellyfishes while exploring the depths of the ocean. For instance, there is a Barrel Jellyfish that appears as a barrel and is difficult to spot. Now you can catch the normal Jellyfish with a simple Net Gun or so. But for tough-to-catch variants like a Blood-belly Comb Jellyfish, you must have to use the equipment.

You can use a Shark Harpoon or any underwater Rifle to cause damage to the Jellyfish in Dave the Diver. Hitting it with a few shots will kill it. And after that, you can go and collect its corpse to add it to your inventory.

Catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

After catching a Jellyfish, you can take it to the Sushi Bar. From there, you can prepare meals and add them to the Menu. There’s a variety of dishes that you can cook with a Jellyfish such as:

  • Seagrapes Jellyfish Sushi
    • Ingredients: Sea Grape, White Spotted Jellyfish, Salt.
  • Barrel Jellyfish Sushi
    • Ingredients: Barrel Jellyfish
  • White Spotted Jellyfish Sushi Sushi
    • Ingredients: White Spotted Jellyfish

This is just a gist of what dishes you can cook with a Jellyfish.

Now that you know how to catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver, make sure to cook all the delicious and increase the Sushi Bar’s Net Profit. For more such informative content, you can check out our other Dave the Diver Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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