Dave The Diver: How To Defeat Giant Squid

Want to learn the move set of this massive squid? Check out our boss guide on how to defeat Giant Squid in Dave the Diver.

Set in a real-life marine setting with over 200 sea creatures, Giant Squid in Dave the Diver is the first massive boss you will face against. While progressing The Leas-chan rescue questline, Dave must retrieve Duff’s Pink delivery box near the shipping boat. As you swim deeper into the oceans to track it, you find a massive giant squid has captured it. And he is not giving up Duff’s delivery box without a fight. But if you learn this giant sea monster’s attack moves, you are almost halfway through. So, check out our guide to find out how to defeat Giant Squid in Dave the Diver.

How to Beat Giant Squid in Dave the Diver

While being enormous, you can defeat the Giant squid in Dave the Diver by shooting its eyeball three to five times. But as simple as it sounds, the squid has a couple of attacks and moves up its tentacles. So, before starting the boss fight, make sure to stock up with enough rifle ammo, air capsules, and refills. Note that as the Giant squid is at a greater normal depth underwater, you can lose oxygen if you approach too close to the monster. Since you can also lose oxygen if you get hit by its attacks, we recommend equipping a ranged weapon to beat the giant squid.

So, here are all the squid’s moves and attack patterns:

Popping Tentacles

dave the diver how to beat giant squid

Soon as you enter the Giant Squid’s lair, you will be attacked by two of its tentacles popping from the ground. You can recognize and time this attack by noticing some dust before the monster throws this attack. When you notice the dust, swim Dave away to save yourself from the damage. Once you get a grasp of this attack’s timing, use it to get close and attack its eyeball.

Spewing Squid Ink

dave the diver how to defeat giant squid

You can expect this attack when you get too close to the Giant Squid. If you are low on oxygen, this attack can deal some damage. You can grab some Swimming boosts to get out of the way immediately. For stocking up some supplies quickly, you can pick x8 Basic Underwater Rifle ammo from nearby.

Tentacle Smack

dave the diver defeat giant squid

After hitting its eyeball from close range, the squid can melee-smack you with one of its massive tentacles. If you Dave’s hit by this attack, you can lose major oxygen. As the incoming attack will be too fast, swimming boosts might not help you to get out of range. So, we recommend avoiding close-range combat with the giant squid.

That’s all about how to defeat Giant Squid in Dave the Diver. If you liked this guide, explore more Dave The Diver Guides, and Video Gaming Guides for other games in our dedicated sections right here on Gamer Tweak.