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Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Tier List (Best FF16 Eikons Ranked)

Find out the best Eikons in our FF16 Eikon Tier List.

Our Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Tier List will help you understand who the best and most useful Eikons are. Since each Eikon in the game is known to house different abilities and skills, many players will have varying levels of preferences. However, it is important to choose the one with the highest power. If you want to use the best Eikons in FF16, then check out our tier list below.

Note that these rankings are subjective and may differ from your opinion.

FF16 Eikon Tier List – Best Eikons in the Game

final fantasy 16 best eikons

We put together a tier list of the best Eikons ranked from S to B in Final Fantasy 16. Check out the list below to know which is the best summon in the game.

S Tier Eikons

  • Bahamut

Bahamut, the King of Dragons, is quite easily the best Eikon in all of FF16. Its Dominant is Prince Dion Lesage. Its abilities are second to none and have no apparent weaknesses whatsoever. The huge Eikon is known to use holy-based attacks which include the Wings of Light. You will unlock him after completing the main quest Fire in the Sky in FF16.

  • Odin

Odin is another extremely powerful S Tier character in Final Fantasy 16. The Eikon of Darkness is controlled by Barnabas Tharmr. He has a huge list of high-ranking abilities like the Arm of Darkness, Heaven’s Cloud, and even the Rift Slip. All in all, Odin is an unstoppable Eikon.

A Tier

  • Titan

Titan is an A-tier Eikon for us as he excels in melee combat compared to the others on this list. Controlled by Hugo Kupka, the Titan has one of the best abilities among all the other Eikons. His Windup ability has an attack potency of 4 stars and causes high damage as well as stagger to any enemy. Titan also has a powerful AoE ability called Upheaval and a powerful melee ability called Raging Fists.

  • Garuda

In the right hands, Garuda, the Eikon of Wind, is a pretty solid Eikon in FF16. The A Tier Eikon’s Dominant is Benedikta Harman. Garuda’s Aerial Blast ability has a massive 5-star stagger rating followed by Gouge with a 4-star ability. So, if you prefer playing with Garuda, you won’t need to worry as she is a decent substitute for the S tier Eikons.

B Tier Eikons in FF16

  • Ramuh

Ramuh, the Eikon of Lightning falls under The B tier. Its Dominant is Cidolfus Telamon (also known as Cid). Ramuh’s abilities do not have any exceptionally high star ratings which doesn’t make it a valuable choice according to us.

  • Shiva

Shiva is the Aspect of Ice and comes under the B Tier category of Eikons in FF16. Barring its Diamond Dust ability which has 4-star Attack and 5-star Stagger, the rest of Shiva’s abilities are very average.

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That’s everything covered in our Final Fantasy 16 Eikon tier list. We hope this guide was able to help you out. For guides on how to change, craft & upgrade gear, and increase stats, visit our FF16 section.