What Are Dominants In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)?

Is the word Dominant word from Final Fantasy 16 stuck inside your mind? Here's what it means.

Dominants are a type of Humans who have special summon powers in Final Fantasy 16. They have been a part of the franchise for a very long time and have made their presence felt on plentiful occasions. Dominants might be a very familiar term for veteran Final Fantasy players. But for new players, it might raise several question marks. And to help in erasing such doubts, we are here to help you out. Here’s everything you should know about the Dominants in FF16.

Who are Dominants & What do they Do in FF16?

Dominants In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)
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Dominants are special humans who possess the ability to summon Eikons during battles in Final Fantasy 16. A Dominant’s body is a home for the Eikons. Not only they can summon them, but can also transform into their respective Eikons. There’s a total of 8 Dominants who harness this incredibly strong elemental ability. For your reference, here’s a list of all 8 Dominants and their respective Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16).

All Dominants in Final Fantasy 16

Here are all the Dominants that are currently present in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16).

  • Clive Rosfield
    • Eikon: Ifrit
  • Joshua Rosfield
    • Eikon: Phoenix
  • Jill Warrick
    • Eikon: Shiva
  • Benedikta Harman
    • Eikon: Garuda
  • Hugo Kupka
    • Eikon: Titan
  • Dion Lesage
    • Eikon: Bahamut
  • Barnabas Tharmr
    • Eikon: Odin
  • Cidolfus Telamon
    • Eikon: Ramuh

It is believed that the people from most nations in Final Fantasy admire the Dominants. They have established themselves as the strongest beings to walk among people. On the contrary, the people from the Iron Kingdom have totally opposite views on Dominants. They consider Dominants as unholy creatures who should be executed if seen on their land. Moreover, there are nations that use the Dominant’s powers for wars.

Fun Fact: Dominants in previous titles were known as the Summoners who could also call magical beasts (Eikons) in the material world.

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