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All Exit Methods In Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Best Escape Point)

Here are the best exit points in Texas Chain Saw Massacre if you are a Victim.

As a Victim, you will need to know all the exit methods in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. If you can get familiar with the map layouts, it won’t take you a lot of time to figure out these exit methods. However, you might wonder which one would be the best escape point to go through since the Family in TCSM will be looking to get you at almost all points. Each exit will need players to find the required items and attach them to it.

All Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Exit Methods

All Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Exit Methods

Avoiding the wrath of the Family is quite difficult if you are a Victim who has not memorized the exit methods. Surely you wouldn’t want to continue the cat-and-mouse game of hiding from the Family for too long. Since escaping is the only way to guarantee your safety, you can check out all the exit methods in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game. Along with that, we will also provide you the best exit point in TCSM according to us.

Pressure Valve Exit Explained

Speed is of utmost importance while using this escape method in the game. If you are playing with friends, it’s going to be easier for you to coordinate with them and utilize this method of escape. While you look to escape from the basement, you might notice signs that point toward the valve door. However, you will find out that the exit is blocked by a pressure valve pump.

  • What you have to do to use this exit method in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game is to find an object with a valve attached to it.
  • Once you find it, head for it and remove the valve from the object.
  • After that, find a big cannister attach the valve to it, and start turning it until the pressure goes through the roof.
  • While the exit is now open, as we mentioned, speed is of utmost importance and if a Family member is close by and they are able to repair it, the Victims will be doomed.

Fuse Box Exit Explained

The Fuse Box Exit has a lot of fuss around it and in order to open it, players will have to go through an ordeal while keeping the Family at bay. Although it is quite comparable to the Pressure Valve Exit, it is rather more tedious to exit with this method. If you are planning to use the Fuse Box Exit in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game, here’s what you need to do:

  • For the Fuse Box exit players will have to find the fuse and the fuse box. However, since the escape is from the basement, you will find it far more difficult this time around to escape.
  • Once you find the fuse box and the fuse, remove the fuse first with an unlock tool.
  • The fuse box needs repairs so make sure you open it up and move the fuse pairs into their correct place.
  • Once you do it correctly, the numbers will turn green and your escape is ready.
  • Now, head back to the basement escape door before they shut down automatically. Like the Pressure Valve Exit, speed is of utmost importance.

TCSM Generator/Road Exit Explained

  • For the road exit point in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, players will need an unlock tool and look for a locked gate with a big green light next to it. The gate is powered with a current so make sure you don’t touch it soon.
  • Once you find it, you need to follow the cable attached to the gate and you will reach the generator that is powering it.
  • Interact with the generator and then you should see your character kicking it a few times and soon the power will shut off.
  • Now, head back to the gate and with the unlock tool you collected, get the gate open and make your escape quickly.

Rear Exit/Car Battery Explained

  • Just like the Road Exit, players need to find the gate powered by electricity towards the rear exit point in Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. Once again, we advise you not to touch the gate before disarming the power. Make sure you have the unlock tool once again so you can escape after powering down.
  • Follow the cable back to the car and you will notice that it is attached to the car battery.
  • Once you interact with it, the electricity will be removed and you will no longer be fried to your death.
  • Now, head back to the gate, and with the unlock tool you collected, get the gate open and make your escape quickly.

Which is the Best Exit Method to Escape in TCSM Game?

We found the Rear Exit or the Road Exit to be the best exit method in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. However, we still have to get past the Family, and as a Family member, I would have my eye on these two exit points the most.

Which Texas Chainsaw Massacre Exit Point to Avoid?

While the Pressure Valve Exit does have its drawbacks, the Fuse Box exit is currently the most tedious one. Although, we might change this opinion in the future if we can make it work better than the other three and if the Family decide to stop giving this exit some weightage.

That’s all about the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Exit Methods and which is the best way for victims to escape. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other TCSM Guides right here at Gamer Tweak. For example, here’s how to fight back and the best tips to follow if you are trying to get better in your Victim gameplay.

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