How To Kill Ender Boss In Vampire Survivors

Unable to unlock or defeat this boss? Check out our boss guide on how to kill the Ender in Vampire Survivors.

Being nominated as the best indie debut videogame, things are looking brighter for Vampire Survivors. With consistent updates, the roguelike game has several secret characters, hidden stages, powerups, and bosses. The Ender is the final boss of the game which is a fusion of the five Grim Reaper enemies. But there are some prerequisites you need to complete to encounter this boss. So, check out our boss guide on how to find and kill the Ender in Vampire Survivors.

How to Find Ender in Vampire Survivors

You will face the Ender in the Cappella Magna stage for surviving 30 minutes in Vampire Survivors. But as mentioned earlier, there are some conditions to encounter the Ender boss. Before you go through them, make sure to pick the best character and weapon to defeat him.

Mentioned below are all the requirements you need to complete to find Ender:

  • You need to unlock the Moongolow stage and teleport into a different region or map.
  • If you are having trouble unlocking this stage, check out our guide on how to unlock the Moongolow stage for more insight.
  • You need to survive the different waves of enemies over there. There are three Rosaries that you can find in this stage.
  • Once you survive the 15-minute mark, pick the Yellow Relic sign to the right of the Rosary. This would unlock the Cappella Magna stage.
  • Now, you need to survive 30 minutes into this stage to encounter the Ender.

Once you survive the time limit, the background will fade to black and a cutscene would be triggered. In this cutscene, all the Reapers will merge into a single entity. This entity is the Ender boss that you will face in the Cappella Magna stage.

how to kill ender vampire survivors
Image Source – Palpetune on YouTube.

How to Defeat the Ender

Similar to all the bosses, the Ender boss will chase to damage you. But this boss will go the extra mile to cause damage by throwing scythe projectiles at you every 5 seconds. These projectiles will create beams of Reaper trainees, coffins, sprite work, and different fire explosions. You might encounter some difficulties but with some help, you can beat Ender easily.

So, here are some tips and strategies to beat or kill the Ender boss in Vampire Survivors:

  • Firstly, don’t get trapped and keep going in a single direction focusing on his attacks.
  • You can use and upgrade the Magic Wand to inflict maximum damage. As there are no enemies, the Magic Wand will only damage the Ender.
  • You can also use Garlic and Holy Bible to maintain a distance while damaging him.
  • In addition to these resources, you can also use Laurel and upgrade it. This would help you with the incoming scythes.

how to kill ender vampire survivors

While defeating Ender can take some time, it can reward you with Great Gospel. This item is a relic that permanently unlocks the Limit break for all the weapons. That means it allows you to enable the maximum cap of all the weapons. But once the Great Gospel is obtained, you will not encounter Ender again.

That’s everything covered about how to kill the Ender boss in Vampire Survivors. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to unlock Endless Mode, how to unlock Cosmo Pavone, how to see the final fireworks, and more Vampire Survivors Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.