Vampire Survivors: How To See The Final Fireworks

Here's a guide on how to see the Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors.

Many players are wondering how to see the Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors and this guide will help you get the Greatest Jubilee along with that. Since there are numerous achievements and many of them are quite difficult, it’s easy for players to lose ground at some point. Nevertheless, the Final Fireworks are a treat to watch and even though it might be difficult and time consuming, this guide will help you get there soon.

How to See the Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors See the Final Fireworks

Players need to get the Greatest Jubilee weapon by defeating the final boss of Vampire Survivors and then they will be able to see the Final Fireworks. Although that sounds easy when spelled out, it won’t be anything like that when you play the level. Since The Directer is the final boss, facing him and beating him in fight will be quite difficult. But we are here to help and our boss guide on The Directer will help you get through this stage. Make sure that you have collected all 11 Relics by now or you won’t be able to unlock the hidden Eudaimonia M stage.

The Directer is not quite that powerful. But his summons can overwhelm players in this fight. Although players can try out some of the cheats and spells, they are hardly that useful here. Since you need all the help you can get, a Victory Sword would also be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Along with that, you will need passive items like Garlic. Defeating this boss will not only display the Final Fireworks but also provide you with loads of EXP Gems and Gold Coins.

That’s all there is on how to see the Final Fireworks in Vampire Survivors. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Vampire Survivors guides with Gamer Tweak.

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