How To Unlock & Evolve Victory Sword In Vampire Survivors

Here's everything you should know about the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors.

Taking on hundreds of monsters in a dungeon that too in an increasing wave is definitely not a piece of cake. Hence, there are weapons and passive items that can help you effectively in this task. Speaking of weapons, a Victory Sword is what you should try at least once. Being an initial weapon for the character, Queen Sigma, a Victory Sword can also be unlocked for other characters. Wondering how? Check out this guide that features the steps to unlock & evolve Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Victory Sword Guide

As mentioned, Victory Sword is an initial weapon for Queen Sigma and like most of them, it is shown as weaker at first. In order to unlock the Victory Sword for other characters, you have to defeat 100,000x enemies in a single run while playing as Queen Sigma. For those who don’t know, Queen Sigma is unlocked by completing the Collection. Unlocking all the items in the Collection will surely require the players to grind.

To unlock the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors, players are recommended to use easy stages like Mad Forest. This is because players are more familiar with this map and can play with confidence. Since your main motive is to eliminate as many mobs as possible, Skull O’ Maniac. This Passive Item is obtained by surviving for 30 minutes while playing as Lama Ladonna. Once you have obtained the Skull O’ Maniac, the enemy spawn rate will increase allowing you to reach 100,000 much more quickly. Also, ensure that Queen Sigma is capable enough to take on enemies so that you can unlock Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors.

How to Evolve Victory Sword

There are two prerequisites to evolve the Victory Sword which include a Torrona’s Box and Sole Solution. In order to get the Torrona’s Box, players are required to hold 6 different weapon evolutions at one time. Further, you need to reach the maximum levels for both Torrona’s Box and Victory Sword to unlock the Sole Solution. The max level for a Victory Sword is 12, whereas, for a Torrona’s Box, it is level 9.

Vampire Survivors Victory Sword Guide

As the in-game codex says, consider Sole Solution as a gift of Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors. Calling it an ability or buff would be perfect. Moreover, the Sole Solution does not even take any slots which makes it even more precious. Once the Sole Solution is triggered, a Galaxy screen is summoned that damages everything in the range. Then, it vanishes before swirling in a clockwise direction.

That covers everything on the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors. While you are here, make sure to check out other Vampire Survivors guides right here on Gamer Tweak.