How To Unlock Cosmo Pavone In Vampire Survivors (Secret Character)

Here's how to unlock the Cosmo Pavone, a Secret Character, in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors follows a simple pattern wherein players are required to beat frequently increasing waves of monsters & other creatures. While you are tired of playing as Antonio since the beginning, devs have followed up with the players by giving them an opportunity to play with different characters. Most of these players are unlocked by progressing in the game but sometimes, you may miss a part that can get you a high-quality reward. Cosmo Pavone, a Secret Character in Vampire Survivors is one such reward that you can unlock. Wondering how? Read this guide till the end to know.

Steps to Unlock Cosmo Pavone in Vampire Survivors

How To Unlock Cosmo Pavone In Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock Cosmo, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. The top most requirement is that you will have to select and play with a player who hasn’t received any buff or benefit from Golden Eggs. You can check if a character has any Golden Egg benefit in the Character Selection Screen. To be precise, look in the stats window to the left while you have locked a character. Also, keep in mind that toggling off the Golden Egg bonuses won’t work either. So check thoroughly if you want to unlock Cosmo Pavone in Vampire Survivors.

Further, select the Cappella Magna Stage in the Stage Selection menu as this is where you will unlock it. Once you have entered this stage, collect the Ebony Wings and Peachone weapons.

How To Unlock Cosmo Pavone In Vampire Survivors

Upon obtaining both weapons, you can open the mini-map where you can see that a Nduja Fritta Tanto has spawned. It is a pick-up item that you can obtain in the upper portion of the Cappella Magna map. After you have picked up the Nduja Fritta Tanto, you are all set to unlock Cosmo Pavone in Vampire Survivors.

How To Unlock Cosmo Pavone In Vampire Survivors
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Cosmo Pavone is locked behind a gate next to the Nduja Fritta Tanto. Once you have picked it up, the gate will be removed. After that, you can simply walk past that and get your hands on this Secret Character. Just exit that game and check out the Character Selection screen. Cosmo Pavone will be available for purchase there.

That’s everything covered on how to unlock the Secret Character known as Cosmo Pavone in Vampire Survivors. Since you are here, make sure to check out our Vampire Survivors  Character Tier List.