Vampire Survivors Characters Tier List

Here is a Tier List of All the Characters in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is a Roguelike Shoot’Em Up Role-Playing video game with a good selection of Characters. Each Character has a passive and starts with a unique starting weapon. The Character’s States, Passives, & Weapons play a role in which Characters are better than the others. But what Character should you use in your Runs in Vampire Survivors? Here I have made this Tier List of the Characters in Vampire Survivors from S Tier to F Tier so that you can choose the best ones.

Vampire Survivors Characters Tier List

characters tier list vampire survivors

Tier Character Weapon Passive
S Tier Leda Holy Wand Starts with +5 Armor, -20% MoveSpeed, +100% Might, +10% Area, & -10% Cooldown.
S Tier Poppea Song of Mana Starts with 20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Duration every Level.
A Tier  Arca Fire Wand Gains -5% Cooldown every 10 Levels till Level 30.
A Tier Christine Pentagram Starts with +1 Level.
She has -50 Max Health, -35% Might, -25% Cooldown, & +30% MoveSpeed bonus.
A Tier Red Death Death Spiral Starts with +100% MoveSpeed, 255 Max Health, & +20% Might.
A Tier Dommario King Bible He has permanent +40% projectile speed & +40% duration.
But at the cost of -40% MoveSpeed.
A Tier Mortaccio Bone Gains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
A Tier Pugnala Phiera Der Tuphello &
Eight The Sparrow
Starts with +20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Might every Level.
B Tier  Krochi Cross Starts with a Revival, revives with 50% Health, & +30% MoveSpeed.
Gains another Revival at Level 33.
B Tier Giovanna Gatti Amari Starts with +20% MoveSpeed.
Gains +1% Projectile Speed every Level.
B Tier Cavallo Cherry Bomb Gains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
? Tier missingN▯  Axe or Death Spiral Base Stats are randomized every time
B Tier Pasqualina Runetracer Starts with +10% Speed.
Gains +10% Speed every 5 Levels till Level 15.
C Tier  Porta Lightning Ring Starts with +30% Area &  -90% Cooldown bonus.
Cooldown increases by 30% on every level up to Level 4.
C Tier Imelda Magic Wand  Gains +10% Growth every 5 levels till Level 15.
C Tier Clerici Santa Water Starts with +0.5 HP/S, +50 Max Health, +400% Area.
Loses Area by 100% every Level till Level 5.
C Tier Antonio Whip Starts with +20 Max Health and +1 Armor.
Gains 10% Might every 10 Levels till Level 50.
C Tier Lama Axe  Starts with +10 Max Health, +10% Might, +10% MoveSpeed, and +10% Curse.
Gains 5% Might, 5% MoveSpeed and 5% Curse every 10 levels.
D Tier  Gennaro Knife Starts with +20 Max Health and +1 Amount.
D Tier Ramba  Carréllo Gains +1 Amount every 20 Levels till Level 60.
F Tier Poe Garlic Starts with -30 Max Health and +25% Magnet.
F Tier Exdash Ebony Wings Starts with -23 Max Health, -10% MoveSpeed, -10% Might,
-10% Area, -50% Speed, -10% Duration, +10% Cooldown, & 100% Luck.
F Tier Toastie Peachone Starts with -99 Max Health, +20% MoveSpeed, -10% Might, -10% Area,
-50% Speed, -10% Duration, +10% Cooldown and +100% Luck.

As you can see, The S Tier denotes the best of the Best Characters that you should be using while the F Tier denotes the worst ones. Tiers from A to D are Characters in Vampire Survivors that are great but get worse as you go down the line. You may have noticed a ? Tier right in the middle of the Tier List. missingN▯ is the only Character in this Vampire Survivors Tier List as his stats are randomized every time you select the character. So it could become the Worst Character in the game or the Best Character in the game, outclassing even the S Tier Characters.

This was the Vampire Survivors Characters Tier List. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other articles like Vampire Survivors Arcana Card System.