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Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List (2023)

Looking for the best weapon to use in Vampire Survivors? This Tier List has listed all the weapons ranked from best to worst.

There are many different weapons in Vampire Survivors thus a Tier List is needed to know which is the best. Having many armament options is always a good thing for any game. That is simply because they boost the replay value of the game. They also give unique experiences with different builds. But sadly not every weapon is great. Hence, we will check out this Tier List of the best weapons that you can use in this game.


Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List

best weapons tier list for vampire survivors

Before we get into this list it is important to know these are just my recommendations for the best weapons in the game. You might find some of your favorite weapons to be in a different tier. But that is fine as long as you enjoy the weapons you use in the game. Now let us quickly check this list.

Weapon Tier
La Borra S Tier
Unholy Vespers S Tier
King Bible S Tier
Hellfire S Tier
Cherry Bomb S Tier
Santa Water S Tier
Holy Wand S Tier
Magic Wand A Tier
Thousand Edge A Tier
Knife A Tier
Death Spiral A Tier
Axe A Tier
Mannajja A Tier
Heaven Sword A Tier
Cross A Tier
Fire Wand A Tier
Song of Mana A Tier
Carréllo A Tier
Bloody Tear A Tier
Thunder Loop B Tier
Whip B Tier
Runetracer B Tier
Lightning Ring B Tier
Clock Lancet B Tier
Gorgeous Moon B Tier
Pentagram C Tier
Gatti Amari C Tier
Bone C Tier
Soul Eater D Tier
Garlic D Tier

That sums up this Tier List of the best weapons to use in Vampire Survivors. If you enjoyed this list then don’t miss out on our other Tier Lists. And, since you like playing this game also check our other list of the best characters in this game.