How To Beat Cappella Magna In Vampire Survivors (Guide)

Here's a detailed guide on how to beat the Blue Death and Cappella Magna in Vampire Survivors.

Cappella Magna is the fifth stage in Vampire Survivors and its reaper enemies make it tough to beat. If you have reached this level then you know the objective of the game. Survive for as long as possible against waves of enemies. The right characters and weapons will help you do so. However, in this stage, many players are having a difficult time against the Blue Reaper (Drowner), and this guide will help you to beat it and the stage.

How to Beat Cappella Magna in Vampire Survivors

Use Rosary to Beat Blue Reaper (Drowner) or Death in Cappella Magna

You can unlock Cappella Magna by completing the Lunar Eclipse event in the Moongolow stage. Once you reach the 15-minute mark, Moongolow will turn red and distorted and you will be transported to the Holy Forbidden stage. You can check our article on how to beat it and get the Yellow Sign Relic. Then, you can access it in the Stage Selection menu.

In this stage, you will find four different Deaths (or Reapers) with unique powers. Along with that, you will also find items you can use to beat them on the stage itself. Here are all the items you will find there:

  • Gold and Silver Ring
  • Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right
  • Duplicator
  • Crown
  • Tiragisu
  • Zi’Assunta’s Coffin
  • 3x Rosary

The Rosary is the key to beating Blue Reaper (Drowner) and Cappella Magna itself in Vampire Survivors. They are placed close to your spawn but avoid collecting them right away. Make sure you avoid getting Attractorb as well so you don’t accidentally collect the Rosary.

Beating All Reapers in Cappella Magna

Blue Death in Cappella Magna

Once the Orange Reaper appears at the 10-second mark, it will transform and will start chasing you. You can kill it by using your weapons or by collecting the Rosary. Make sure the reaper is on the screen.

The Blue Reaper will appear at the 5-minute mark and you can kill it using the Rosary. This is a tough enemy because it will start raising water from the bottom of the screen. It will inflict 20 damage if you touch it and can kill you easily. So make sure you are near a Rosary before it appears, then get rid of it soon. You can also kill it with a Pentagram but if you miss, you will have to wait for its long cooldown.

The Green Death will appear at the 10-minute mark. You can kill it with the final Rosary or save it for the last Reaper. If you have a Pentagram or its evolution, Gorgeous Moon, you can use it to kill the Green Reaper.

The last is the Purple Reaper (Trickster), which appears at the 15-minute mark. This one, as the name suggests, has tricky weapons. It will send fake EXP Gems your way that explode when you collect them. At this point, you will be surrounded by a bunch of enemies so differentiating between gems will be difficult. So you can use the last Rosary to kill the Purple Reaper.

Finally, at the 25-minute mark, you will face the Trinacria. Beating it is fairly simple but note that your weapons’ Pushback ability will not work on it. Once you defeat it, you will unlock the Hyper mode.

Best Build to Complete Cappella Magna

To beat Cappella Magna, we used Puganala Provola. Along with that, we used the following weapons:

  • Song of Mana (Evolved to Mannajja with Skull O’Maniac)
  • Phiera Der Tuphello (Evolved to Phieraggi with Tiragisu and Eight The Sparrow)
  • King Bible (Evolved to Unholy Vespers with Spellbinder)
  • Peachone and Ebony Wings (Combined into Vandalier)
  • Santa Water (Evolved into La Borra with Attractorb)
  • Lightning Ring (Evolved into Thunder Loop with Duplicator)

That’s everything covered on how to beat Cappella Magna in Vampire Survivors. For more helpful guides like How to Unlock and Evolve Pentagram, make sure you visit GamerTweak.