How To Fix NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug (Unable To Connect To Server)

Read this guide to learn how you can fix the NBA 2k22 Elevator not working bug.

A lot of players have come across a bug in NBA 2k22 that causes the elevator to not work, along with the Unable to Connect to Server message. This error had proven to be rather frustrating, because, without the elevator, you practically cannot travel to the many areas in the game. Because of this, you won’t really be able to progress at all in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to fix this bug once and for all.

NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working (Unable to Connect to Server) Fix

unable to connect to server nba 2k22 elevator

Re-try Going to the Elevator

To fix the NBA 2k22 Elevator not working bug, you can try to move away from the elevator in the promenade after the error first occurs. Once you move away, keep trying to go back to the elevator. After a few tries, the bug should hopefully get rectified.

Invite a Friend to fix the NBA 2k22 Elevator Not Working Bug

If this particular solution does not work, you can try using your in-game mobile phone. Open your phone and browse through your list of friends. Check to see if anyone from the list is playing NBA 2k22 currently. If you do find someone, send them an invite to enter your neighborhood to play. In doing so, you will be able to team up and then move to the area of your choice in the game. This solution, of course, depends entirely on the number of friends you have on your list, apart from the fact they will need to be online and open to joining you to play. Additionally, you also need to remember that this is just a temporary alternative solution until the bug is corrected.

Check Other Lifts

While this bug affects pretty much all of the elevators in the game, there are a few players who have noticed that the elevator in the My Court faces this issue less often. This elevator, however, can only let you visit the rec. Additionally, the elevator in the practice facility seems to be a little more immune to the bug, so make sure to check that one out too.

Wait for Updates to fix the Elevator Not Working Bug

Your next best option is to wait for any updates from the developer of NBA 2k22. You can check their official Twitter page to stay up to date with any new news or bug fixes and patches. Since a lot of players have reported this bug, you can expect a fix soon.

These were all of the possible solutions for the NBA 2k22 Elevator not working bug. If none of these solutions fix the issue, you can try to restart the game or check your internet connection. Regardless, you can expect this bug to be fixed quite soon.

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