NBA 2k22: How To Change Your City Affiliation And Everything You Need To Know About It

Here is a guide on changing City Affiliation in NBA 2K22.

With the release of NBA 2K22, City Affiliations made a return from NBA 2k21. Affiliations are a major part when you enter the online multiplayer of NBA 2K22, The City. When you start up your Career, the game puts you in one of 4 Affiliations. You may or may not like your Affiliation and might want to change it. in this guide, I will show you how you can change your Affiliation in NBA 2K22.

How to change your City Affiliation in NBA 2K22

town hall

There are four City Affiliations in NBA 2K22, which are the North Side Knights, Beasts Of The East, South City Vipers, and Western Wildcats. You will be placed in one of these City Affiliations at the start of your career. This is set randomly by the game. To change your City Affiliation, you will find the Town Hall of the City Affiliation you want to join.

Let’s say you were put in the North Side Knights but you want to go to the Beasts Of The East City Affiliation. Go to the Town Hall of Beasts Of The East, from there you will have to walk up to the Security Guards of the Town Hall and talk to them. This will open a prompt where you can send an Affiliation Transfer Request. This Request allows you to change your City Affiliation to the one of the Town Hall you are in. In the prompt, the other three City Affiliations will be shown but only one will be highlighted in this case the Beasts Of The East. When you confirm to transfer Affiliations, it will ask you two options. One will be to Stay Loyal to your current City Affiliation and Submit a Transfer Request. Select the second option to transfer City Affiliations.

Things To Bear in Mind while changing City Affiliations

Although there is a catch. NBA 2K22 has introduced Seasons, in each Season you are allowed to change Affiliations once and only in the first week of the Season with no penalties. Also, each Season is 40 days long so make the right choice. To change your Affiliation, you have to go to its Town Hall. You cannot change to the Western Wildcats from the Town Hall of South City Vipers and this is true for the other Affiliations.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you in changing your City Affiliation. You can also check our guides on Changing the Face and Appearance of MyPLAYER and Becoming a Starter in NBA 2K22.