Starfield Duplication Glitch Explained

Starfield is filled with Bugs and the Duplication Glitch is just one of those stuffs. Check out this guide to know everything about it.

Have you discovered the Starfield Duplication Glitch yet? Usually, this bug happens with those looking to rebuild or redecorate their Spaceships. Strangely, modifying the Ships fills the Cargo Hold with junk. It might be a new bug that has randomly appeared after the new update on September 13th, 2023. In this guide, we will explain to you everything there is to know about this Dupe Glitch. So, take a look below to get started.

Starfield Dupe Glitch Explained

Each time you Modify your Ship using the Ship Builder menu, all the loose items are transferred to the Cargo Hold. After this, the Duplication Glitch takes place after you reload the game. After the reload, all those items are sent back to their original places. Alongside them, a few random new items also get generated. It can be anything like an extra set of Digipicks that you already have in your Inventory.

Starfield Cargo Hold after Duplication Glitch

The certainty of this Duplication Glitch is just so random in Starfield. But most players have experienced this after modifying their Ships and reloading their saved progress after a reboot. There are plenty of Reddit Posts (1,2,3), where players are addressing this bug and their experiences with it.

I believe it can not be called a Duplication Glitch as you are not getting extra items as wished. Having those items generated back on the ship is a nuisance. As it defeats the whole point of redecorating the Habs in your ship. We hope that this bugged element gets patched as soon as possible.

Aside from the Duplication Glitch in Starfield, there have been some bugged quests as well. For instance, Operation Starseed and Into the Unknown are a few quests where there are chances of encountering a bug. If you do find them, ensure to check out our guides to get them fixed.

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