Starfield Operation Starseed Bug (Fix)

Is your Operation Starseed quest bugged in Starfield? Here's how you can fix this bug to complete the quest.

During the Operation Starseed quest in Starfield, a mysterious bug has caused all the NPCs to turn hostile. Just like the Into the Unknown quest, this side quest is also bugged. According to many players, the NPCs in Operation Starseed aren’t supposed to go hostile when the quest is progressing normally. So, what can be done to fix this bugged quest? Check out here to know a few possible solutions.

How to Fix Operation Starseed Bug in Starfield

Unfortunately, there’s no fixed method to resolve this bug. However, a couple of players on Reddit have suggested a few workarounds to get past this issue. For instance, SeaworthinessMean201, a Reddit User suggests that you should wait for an hour in your Ship after being attacked. After that, the NPCs should turn back friendly again.

Genghis Khan in Operation Starseed Quest in Starseed

Apart from this, EonSloth got past this bug by killing all the hostile NPCs. But he saved himself a lot of time by using the ‘kah’ Console Command. It killed all the enemies in the area and allowed him to continue the quest as normal. This is the most common solution used by Starfield players whose Operation Starseed quest got bugged.

As wrote on Reddit, some players think that the quest gets bugged if you hit any settler or NPC in the whole town. That said, to avoid the bug here, you should only shoot the target you are supposed to.

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And now that you know how to fix the Operation Starseed Bug in Starfield, we hope you complete the quest like normal. Besides this, you will need a little assistance throughout your entire playthrough. And to help you with that, we have covered plenty of helpful guides for you in our Starfield section. So be sure to take a look at it.