DOOM Eternal Beginners Tips & Tricks – Everything You Must Know

By Raaj
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Here is Doom Eternal Beginners  Guide for new players. If you are a Doom fan and trying this game after quite a long time then here is every detail you must know. With revamped mechanics weaved in the crux of chaos, Doom Eternal is challenging and nostalgic. There are new things in the game that will help you to turn into a pro in no time. But there are also things if you are unware can put back at the starting points. So here is Doom Eternal beginngers guide with everything you must know before you start playing.

Doom Eternal Beginners Tips and Tricks

Doom Eternal is a fast-paced first-person action game. So if you find any issue with viewing or any kind of dizziness it is best to take a break for a while. You can adjust your video settings for better quality.

What are the different difficulty levels in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal has around 6 different difficulty levels, starting from entry-level to a special old school campaign mode. Below are all the difficulty levels.

  1. I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE – A good one to start who are trying out the game for the first time. In Doom Eternal I’M TOO YOUNG TO DIE mode combat and exploration go side by side. You won’t die much, enemies will attack less often and you can unlock a lot of items like health and armor.
  2. HURT ME PLENTY – Enemy’s difficulties increase with every level. You will have to focus on finding good upgrades or else it will be tough for you to move ahead. Buy various weapons and abilities to upgrade your character attributes. Enemies will attack you at a regular place, and their damage will be more. If you are able to unlock the right skills you can dominate the battlefield in this mode.
  3. ULTRA-NIGHTMARE – For experienced players only. Those who are really good at shooting game has very fast reflexes and also want to explore things side-by-side must go with this. Enemies are aggressive in this mode and their damage rate is very high. Here also skills play a big role, you will need to become pro in unlocking the best possible skills to stay alive.
  4. NIGHTMARE – As the name says, this is an Expert mode. You will need flash like powers here. Lightning-quick reflexes are a must, you miss you die. Enemies will be very aggressive and will cause maximum damage. Completing mastery of combat look is required.

There are two more unique modes in Doom Eternal that can put you to your limits. These difficulty modes in the game can offer you challenge your skills at max and check out what really you are capable of.

  1. ULTRA-NIGHTMARE – You die your campaign is over. There will be a death marker that will remind you of your progress. But this mode allows you to save your campaign when you complete a mission. So if you are looking for more challenges then hit the Ultra-Nightmare. This nothing more worst than this.
  2. EXTRA LIFE MODE – This is a special campaign mode for those who are looking for old-school experience in Doom Eternal. The game is over when there are no Extra Lives left. Select this mode and then select one from the top 4 modes to play the special campaign in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Combat Tips & Tricks

  1. Glory Kills: By performing Glory Kills you can get free health drops. Glory Killing is a kind of special move that helps you to refill your health bar to max. Read our glory killing guide for step by step instructions.
  2. Character Attributes – Health, Armor, and Ammo are three primary and only character attributes in Doom Eternal. Health is shown in blue in the bottom left with green armor above. Ammo is on the right bottom.

Doom Eternal Weapon & Mods Tips

  1. Where to Unlock Chainsaw: During the first objective Get to DEAG Nilox’s Chamber you will come across Chainsaw your very first free weapon in Doom Eternal. Killing enemies with a chainsaw will drop Ammos. Chainsaw works only if you have Fuel, look for fuel cans, walk over them to add them in the inventory. Chainsaw kill will not work if there is no fuel.
  2. Unlock New Mods: Mods will maximize your weapons strength offering you do more. You will definitely need a lot of mods as you progress. You can also upgrade mods using Weapon Points.
  3. Weapon Wheel: Hold Q or use the Mouse middle click to switch between weapons.
  4. Unlock Heavy Cannon Gun: Heavy Cannon gun is an assault rifle type weapon offering you continuous shot and a worth carrying in Doom Eternal.
  5. Unlock Explosives – You can get some frag grenades for free in the game, they have a cooldown time once used.

Doom Eternal Tips That Will Turn You Into Pro

  1. Health – Use the Chainsaw attack, shoot the enemy until they are staggered and start glowing. Press C to unleash Chainsaw end and you will get free health drops.
  2. Ammos: Red glowing tubes are Ammos you can find on various nooks and corners.
  3. Breakables: Walls with cracks can be destroyed easily to open up paths.
  4. Punchables: Punch the objects with a green seal to move them away.
  5. Double Jump: Press Space to jump in the air and then press Space again for Double Jump.
  6. Farm Resource: Weak demons drop resources like health. Use glory killing.
  7. Attack Enemies Weak Point: Certain demons in Doom Eternal has weak points. They will glow red and if you shoot them you will earn extra damage. Check the codex to find more details on Demon’s weak points.
  8. Unlock Map – Use Automap Station to reveal undiscovered regions of the map.
  9. Objective Marker – Press Alt to view the main mission objective marker on the screen.
  10. Wall Climb – Look for pitted walls to climb up, press E after jumping towards it.

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