How To Unlock Frag Grenade in DOOM Eternal

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Explosives are quiet important in Doom Eternal and without Frag Grenade life is incomplete. Doom Eternal does not give you explosives very soon, but you can apply mods on guns and get some power. But what if you can unlimited supply of Grenades in Doom Eternal for free. Thankfully it is a part of the game, but took a decent amount of time to unlock. So here I will show you how to unlock Frag Grenades in Doom Eternal, the exact steps to save time.

Unlock Frag Grenade In Doom Eternal

Frag Grenades are unlocked during the mission Get aboard the citadel, you will unlock Wall climb. Walk all the way to a devasted train station following the main objective marker. But before you will need a yellow keycard, it is marked on the map. After grabbing the keycard, follow the mission marker to unlock the underground train station.

There will be a ton of demons underground, so be ready to fight them. After killing Archnotron, the next yellow marker will take you to a crashed train compartment. Inside that, you will unlock Frag Grenade in Doom Eternal. There is also a Mod Bot in the same region. Check the area behind the broken doors for ammos.

Collect the Grenade and now you can use it against demons in Doom Eternal. Frag Grenades can easily kill a group of demons, you have to projectile it in the right direction. It is best for crowd control and is not limited to capacity. The only thing you have to manage is the cooldown time.

Explosion and damage by Frag Grenade in Doom Eternal will kill enemy as well as falter any Demon in the range. So it is a kind of very useful weapon in the game. Press Left Control on PC to launch Grenade and project it on the ground. Especially between a group of enemies, the explosion is devastating enough to help you in crowd control.

You can increase the strength of the explosion by using it with weapons. For example, you can use Heavy Cannon Gun with Micro Missiles mod that will help you to kill multiple enemies in one instance. So this is how you can unlock grenades in Doom Eternal.