How To Unlock New Map Locations In DOOM Eternal

This is how you can see hidden places

Want to know how to unlock hidden Map places in DOOM Eternal? The game takes you into a demon-infested world of chaos is normal. There is a huge map in DOOM Eternal, and many areas are hidden in dark. You cannot explore if you are unable to find out where to go exactly. DOOM Eternal has a station where you can visit and reveal the map. This is quite important and you will be doing this regularly to explore deeper.

How to unlock Maps in Doom Eternal?

Hidden areas of Map in Doom Eternal will be unlocked at Automap Stations. These are portable stations around the region that will help you to view to find hidden locations and items in Doom Eternal. Unlock a new map location is easy, all you need is to find the Automap Stations. The first one is found in Interrupt the Deagic Council objective which unlocks after killing the first priest.

Unlock Map in Doom Eternal

Before entering into the citadel loo on the right corner after from the door and you will find the first Automap Station. Interact with the station and you will be able to see all undiscovered areas on the map. Automap stations will also help you to find valuable items in Doom Eternal. You can visit the station back and interact once again to expand your exploration.

After interacting with the first Automap station press Tab on PC to open the Dossier in Doom Eternal. This unlocks a 3D map giving you your current location as well as the next main objective marker. Look the map properly for new items, there are various symbols on it.

So this is how you can easily view undiscovered locations on Doom Eternal.