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Where to Unlock Heavy Cannon Gun In DOOM Eternal

Mastery = Headshot Blast

Weapons are very important in Doom Eternal and if you are looking for Heavy Cannon then here is how to find it. Heavy Cannon is a pretty strong weapon at the start offering you powerful mods for crowd control. One of them is shooting up miniature missiles that can take down multiple enemies in one shot. This is why you cannot miss Heavy Cannon rifle in the game. Do not worry it is a free weapon in Doom Eternal, but requires a little effort.

How to Unlock Heavy Cannon rifle in Doom Eternal?

After killing the first priest Deag Nilox you will be assigned an objective to Interrupt the Deagic Council. Crossing the debris you will face a lot of demons on your way. This is where a kind of deathmatch begins and using the default weapon or the Combat Shotgun you have to survive. The first thing to do is to use a mod. If you are using Combat Shotgun then apply Sticky Bomb mod. Follow the yellow icon on the map and you will locate A Mod Bot. This is best for cloud control and is ready to jump high around. Movement is the key to survival.

Follow the mission objective – Get board the Citadel and unlock the weapon wheel. After surviving the mayhem the Heavy Cannon weapon will be unlocked. It will not appear in between the fight, at the end in a short cutscene you will see the weapon location. Do not forget to grab the gun. If you are playing with the Shotgun and Chainsaw then adding the Heavy Shotgun in your inventory will give you more power over demons.

Heavy Cannon Rifle Location:

During Get Aboard Citadel mission, after facing the enemy wave you will have to grab the Heavy Cannon rifle from the same location. There will be a ton of debris around, with you will also unlock the Weapon Wheel that will give you access to a second weapon. Heavy Cannon rifle gives you auto shoots allowing to shoot down more than one bullet at a time.

Unlock Heavy Cannon gun in Doom Eternal

To strengthen the power of this weapon you can add Micro Missiles. This is one of the best mod you can try out with this gun. All you have to do maintain your aim on the targets, and it will shoot tiny missiles causing an explosion and killing multiple enemies at one time. If you need a sniper kind of power then apply Precision Bolt mod. But it is best to go with Micro Missiles to add more explosive powers.

So this is how you can find Heavy Cannon rifle in Doom Eternal, the weapon is free to unlock. Make sure you do not miss it and proceed to the main objective.