How To Use Glory Killing And Get Free Health Drops In Doom Eternal

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Back in action, DOOM Eternal is simply an action-packed hack and slash game you would hardly see this year. So why not to gear up and start hitting the demons. But your character has limited health and if it is over you are dead. There is a way in DOOM Eternal to get free health drops just by killing the monsters. This requires a special move to kill them and when the enemy dies it will give you enough health to fill up your meter to 100%. So let’s begin with this pro-combat tip on how to use Glory Killing in DOOM Eternal and what it is important.

What is Glory Killing in DOOM Eternal?

Glory Killing is a combat move that staggers your enemies. But if you keep on shooting the enemy will die and will not give you anything. There is a damage threshold when you hit that the demon will not attack you and will start glowing. You will not be using any weapon in Glory Killing, instead, you will use some really cool moves to permanently free the demon from his miserable life. And this is worth seeing. The benefit of using Glory Killing in DOOM Eternal is the demon will drop enough health drops. The drop quantity changes on the basis of health left.

Glory Killing will always spawn health drops in DOOM Eternal, the less health you have the more health drops you can collect from the corpse of Demon.

How to perform Glory Kills in DOOM Eternal?

Keep shooting the demon but do not kill it. When you shoot, wait until the demon starts glowing. Walk near and press C on your PC to perform Glory Killing in DOOM Eternal. The enemy will be staggered and start glowing as soon as it enters into this mode. This is where you can grab enough number of healths anytime you want in DOOM Eternal.

Have fun killing the demons and do not forget to use Glory Killing which is similar to something like MK11 Brutality.