How To Unlock And Upgrade Weapon Mods In DOOM Eternal

By Raaj
5 Min Read

Weapon Mods in Doom Eternal are provided by Mod Bots. Small floating robots located in various corners of the game. Mod Bots are a kind of instant lab that allows you to upgrade your weapons and add new features in them. To find Mod Bots keep exploring the environment in Doom Eternal. Here you will find more tips on how to upgrade your weapon and add new features.

How to Unlock New Mods?

When you keep progressing in Doom Eternal you will find drops from enemies. Your progression will reward you new mods that can be applied only through Mod Bots. They are floating around in the corners and act as a hub to apply mods. You can find detailed information on what that mod can do and also see a preview of its new features. So to find new mods keep moving forward to your next main objective and also look for Mod Bots. The first one you will find during the main objective “Get To Deag Nilox’s Chamber”.

Just after getting the Chainsaw, your first weapon in Doom Eternal. Completes the tutorial, the chainsaw is your secondary weapon which will be used when you are out of ammo. Killing demons with a chainsaw will drop ammo, so keep this in your mind. Just after finishing the chainsaw weapon tutorial use Double Jump and you will see a Mod Bot standing right outside the door.

Where to find Mod Bots in Doom Eternal?

Depending on the level of difficulty, you will find Mod Bots randomly in various regions. A little exploration is required to find mod bots in the game. When you find one just interact and you will see a lot of details about your current weapon. This includes type ammo and a pro tip. Also from the left, you can add and remove Mods.

Doom Eternal Mod Bot Location

Whatever mod you have will be visible along with a short preview. So check well before applying it. For example, if you are playing with Shotgun you can use Sticky Bomb mods. This adds explosives, to the weapon increasing its damage to the max. The Sticky Bomb Mod will add upto 5 sticky bombs to a shotgun killing anyone in the range. Another mod Full AUTO is capable of turning a shotgun into a fully automatic weapon.

Also do not forget to check the Pro Tips section where you will find an important update regarding the power of whatever weapon you are carrying. For example, a shotgun is best damaging multiple demons at one time, also if you hit the weak point it will explode. This will help you to master the weapon you are carrying.

How to Upgrade Mods?

To upgrade Mods in Doom Eternal you will need Weapon Points. To earn Weapon Points you will have to complete all encounters in the mission. Every mission has around 10 Weapon Points. The Demonic Corruption Meter tracks the points you earned. After earning the points you can spend this to upgrade mods. Go to the Arsenal tab to upgrade the Weapon Mods.

Go to Arsenal and click on the Weapon Mod. For example Sticky Bomb. You will see more options to upgrade this mod into another one like Quick Rack where the reload speed will be increased by 20% or Bigger Boom upgrade where explosion size is increased by 45%. Five Spot is another upgrade for Sticky Bomb mod that launches 5 Sticky Bombs before reload. Each one of them will need weapon points like 3 points, 6 points, etc.

So this is how you unlock new mods or upgrade mods in Doom Eternal. Keep exploring to find more and more new mods in the game.