Does Hyper Scape Have Crossplay? (Answered)

Wondering if Hyper Scape has Crossplay and can you play with friends on PS4, PC and Xbox One? Find out here.

Ubisoft’s free-to-play game Hyper Scape is yet another take on the Battle Royale genre. What makes it different is the verticality of it and its mechanics. Players on PC have already experienced the beta version of this game. But now that it has launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC, gamers are wondering: Does Hyper Scape have Crossplay? Does it support Cross Platform Multiplayer mode? Get your answers in this quick guide.

Is Hyper Scape Cross Platform? – PS4, PC and Xbox One

Ubisoft has mentioned that they are planning to include Cross play later but as of now, Hyper Scape does not support Cross Platform multiplayer. The later date in question is also not mentioned. It is kind of a bummer for those who want to play with friends on different platforms right from the launch day but they will have to wait a bit.

The good news is that it is in the pipeline so it’s just a waiting game. If you don’t want to play with PC players if you are on console, then there will be an option to turn Crossplay off too. So, that’s the answer for your question – Does Hyper Scape have Crossplay?

There’s one other update though and that’s about cross-platform progression. In a tweet, Hyper Scape has mentioned that cross-platform progress transfer is currently available.

Meanwhile, many players are getting a Server Connection Error (we have noted some potential fixes for it in our linked guide). Hyper Scape is facing some issues but once all of that is sorted, the developers will possibly reveal more information about crossplay.

For now, you can enjoy the game with others on the same platform. We have quite a few useful guides that will help you win games like how to get a crown victory, how to respawn when eliminated, how to add friends and more Hyper Scape guides. Make use of all of these tips to become the best Hyper Scape player.