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Hyper Scape: How To Get A Crown Victory

Win the Hyper Scape battle royale in a more exciting way by getting the crown victory

Hyper Scape is somewhat similar yet different from other battle royale games. One of the many things that make the Ubisoft’s game unique is the Crown victory. There are two ways to win the battle royale, the standard way by defeating all the opponents, and the more fascinating way by taking the crown. In this guide, we will discuss getting a crown victory in Hyper Scape.

How to Get a Crown Victory in Hyper Scape – Essential tips

The first thing to note is that the crown appears only in the final sector. Like many other battle royale games, Hyper Scape’s map gets narrower with time. When the map reduces to the final sector, then and only then, the crown appears. Hence, the first thing you need to make sure is to get to the final round.

Once you are in the final round and the crown appears, you have to hold on to it for 45 seconds to win the game. But that’s not going to be simple at all. Once you grab the crown, your location will be highlighted on the map for everyone to see. This will begin the craziest 45 seconds of intense battle.

How to Hold on to The Crown

The first thing that players need to ensure is to have the best of possible weapons. Fusing weapons can be the most useful thing here. Hyper Scape allows players to fuse weapons and upgrade them to a more powerful one. Having powerful weapons will help gamers eliminate opponents easily in the final sector.

Another way to keep the crown with you is to use abilities or hacks in Hyper Scape. A boost of a mere few seconds can make a difference of life and death. Hence, any ability that you can use according to the surrounding environment can help you get the victory.

To give examples, you can use hacks such as Teleport, Slam, and Invisibility. Teleport allows you to get to a distant location quickly, making your opponents keep guessing. Invisibility gives you the power to cloak yourself for a limited time. When it comes to the Slam hack, it pushes you high into the air. You can stay up for a while and keep your enemies waiting for you. A combination of a few such abilities will help you get a crown victory in Hyper Scape.

You can also make your squad by adding friends. This will make the path of getting a crown victory in Hyper Scape a little simpler.