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How to Fuse Weapons In Hyper Scape

Weapon Upgrade in Hyper Scape is highly important to boost damage, ammo size and head shot kills. Here is a guide how to do that.

Hyper Scape is an urban style battle royale game by Ubisoft. You complete in a high-end battle zone with gadgets, weapons, and no time to think type action. With all the weapons in Hyper Scape, the game features a mechanism where you can upgrade them. Increase damage, ammo, to make the weapon better. And this upgrade mechanism is extremely simple, just by fusing two or more similar weapons you can unlock the upgrade. Now the question of how to fuse weapons in Hype Scape? Here is the answer.

Hyper Scape: How to Fuse Weapons


Every weapon in Hyper Scape has five fusion levels. Every fusion boost weapon attributes like Damage. This is a highly important part of Hyper Scape, low power weapons will not let you stay long in the game. So to upgrade you have to fuse weapons. Here is how you fuse?

  1. Find a Weapon and Grab it in Hyper Scape.
  2. While playing around look for the same weapon and walk near it.
  3. You will see an option as “Fuse”, this prompt will only appear when the weapon is the same as you are carrying.
  4. Fuse the weapon and now you have a Fuse Level 1 weapon and you can progress to Level 5.

To help you more here is a detailed Hyper Scape Weapon Upgrade guide. You can find a list of all weapons and their upgrade details. This is how you can fuse weapons in Hyper Scape. It is extremely easy to do, but not frequent also you are exposed to an attack while doing this.


So choose wisely how to upgrade and continue playing the game. It is all about timing and team co-ordination. Grabbing a weapon while in the game is a kind Hype Scape loot system. You have to ensure what you are taking in, learning about all weapons is necessary.

Use breakable doors and jump pads to dodge an attack. Or if you are getting chased or attacked. It is a frequent way to change your position and wait for a chance to shoot. After dying you will turn into a memory echo, any team player can revive you and put back into the fight. You can help your team in the ghost mode by pining enemy locations.

Learn all the tactics well along with fusing weapons to get the best version of the gun, sidearm, sniper, shotgun in Hyper Scape.