How to Add Friends In Hyper Scape?

You can add upto three players in a squad and play online in Hyper Scape Battle Royale mode. Here is a guide on how to add friends, make a group and invite friends.

Hyper Scape is an online battle royale game with over 99 players who can fight and compete with each other. You can join or invite friends, create a squad group, or just randomly add anyone to your game. For this, you will need to the Uplay Username to add them. So here is a detailed guide on how to add friend sin Hyper Scape?

How to Invite Players in Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape Add Friend Guide

Start Hyper Scape and walk towards the Squad section and press F. It will open up a menu where you will see an Invite button. Click on that and the Uplay side menu appears. Here go to Friends and click on Add Friends. Or just go Friends > type the username in the search box.

Hyper Scape User Name

The user name that is used to invite a friend in Hyper Scape is the Uplay ID. Just type this and it will be displayed. Next to that, you will see Option as Add Friends. Once done click on the friend’s name and select Invite.

You can create a team of 3 through the Squad Menu of Hyper Scape. Just walk towards the same on the right of the big triangle and press F. Then click on Invite and add the friends from the Uplay Menu. Add up to three players and enjoy playing in a squad if you need a little more support. The Social button on the top left does the same thing. There is a party only mode and also various other things to test out.

The control center of Hyper Scape also lets you test weapons and hack you will be testing in the game. So go through all options and here is a video also if you are unable to figure out something from the text guide. Have fun playing and do not forget to add us to your friend list.