How To Respawn when Eliminated In Hyper Scape

Back From The Dead

Respawning is possible in the Hyper Scape which is taking the world of Battle Royale by storm. This new futuristic FPS game by Ubisoft is well received by a lot of players and if you want to learn how to respawn in Hyper Scape you better check this guide out.

How To Respawn In Hyper Scape

As you know, Hyper Scape is the latest game in the ever-growing Battle Royale genre which is taking the world by storm, Ubisoft unveiled this game without there being any leaks and since then it has been a massive draw on Twitch.

Right now, the open beta is available for everyone so if you want to check out the game for yourself you are more than welcome to do so.

  1. Like many battle royale games, Hyper Scape gives you the ability to respawn in the game even if you are eliminated by an enemy. Now respawning works great but is a bit different and you cannot do it independently.
  2. If you are in an intense battle in Hyper Scape and get eliminated by an opponent, you do not get thrown out of the match and are made to watch your team maters battle it out, but you get transformed as a ghost and can freely move around.
  3. To respawn and get back in the game, you will have to reach the Restore Point in Hyper Scape and interact with it, while you are there you will need the assistance of a teammate to come and restore your echo.
  4. If your entire squad has been eliminated there is no chance to respawn so make sure that there is a teammate who always has your back in the game.

When your teammate has successfully restored your echo you will be able to get back into the game, you will however lose all your weapons and hacks.

But you can always get them back and start shooting your way towards victory, this is all there is to know about how to respawn in Hyper Scape. Make sure to check out all the latest guides on this like How To Add Friends In Hyper Scape.