Hyper Scape Server Connection Error: How To Fix It?

Are you getting the Hyper Scape Server Connection Error and looking for a solution? Find out everything you need to know in this quick guide on how to fix it.

Players can officially start playing Hyper Scape on PS4, Xbox One and PC because the game has launched! If you want to explore a futuristic battle royale game that is also free to play, this game is worth trying out. But if you are one of those players who has started playing the game but is seeing the Hyper Scape Server Connection error, you’re not alone. In this guide, we have explained what this issue means and what you can do to solve it.

How To Fix Hyper Scape Server Connection Error

In a launch of a Battle Royale game, some issues are bound to crop up. Mainly the players on console have been seeing a Server Connection Error: The Hyper Scape servers are unreachable. Please try again later.

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So, how to fix it? Is there a solution? First, you need to check if your internet is connected and the speed is good. But if that’s the case and you are still getting this error, it’s because this is related to Ubisoft’s servers. Since the game has launched now after PC players have experienced the beta version, the number of people playing it is quite high.

One suggestion is to restart your game and try again. Another thing to try is to change your Uplay password and restart your system. Maybe this will work, maybe this won’t. It is not a sureshot solution to the Hyper Scape Server Connection Error at this time. Since Hyper Scape has cross-platform progress transfer, it adds a whole new level of complications and Ubisoft is working on solving this.

The only thing you can do right now is wait until they fix this error. Meanwhile, you can read our other Hyper Scape guides on how to fuse weapons, the best weapons to use, and how to respawn when you are eliminated.

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