How To Get ALL Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters

Unlock and obtain all secret characters in Disney Crossy Road

Similar to the original version, there are numerous secret characters available in Disney Crossy Road. Disney Crossy Road secret characters are not something that players can find from the prize machine or through cash. These are characters that can be obtained by completing some criteria, which are sometimes not even known to the players. Hence, we have come up with a list of all the Disney Crossy Road secret characters and how to get all of them.

How to Collect All Secret Characters in Disney Crossy Road

There are ghosts from the Haunted Mansion, toys from the Toy Story, and animals from The Lion King in Disney Crossy Road. We have segregated the characters in this list based on the movie or story they have featured in. Just head over to your favorite story and find all the details on Disney Crossy Road secret characters from that story.


Ghost Gramma Tala

It’s the ghost of Gramma Tala. Hence, play as Gramma Tala and die 25 times to unlock this ghoul.

The Lion King

Flower Mane Simba

Play as Simba and continue your run until you find a line of Zebras. Jump over through Zebras to get this Disney Crossy Road secret character when your run ends.


While playing as Simba, spend 12 seconds near stampedes. You can do this easily if you stand behind a rock when stampeding animals cross by. To get this done more quickly, you can switch sides of the rock when animals are coming from another direction. Once you spend 12 seconds near stampede, Mufasa will be added to the roster.

Adult Nala

You can play as any Jungle Book character to get Adult Nala. While on your run, get struck by lightning twice to unlock this secret character.


To get Scar, you will have to unlock Mufasa first. While playing as Mufasa, get stamped by a herd of wildebeest. This will unlock the Scar.

Haunted Mansion

Horn Player

Play as Hookhand in the Tangled mode and play the piano 10 times. This might sound difficult to achieve in a single run. But don’t worry as you can do this through multiple runs.

Bagpipe Player

Unlock the Horn Player to get this character. Use Horn Player and score more than 150 points in a single run to get the Bagpipe Player.

Harp Player

Now when you have obtained Bagpipe Player, play as one and score 150 points to get this Disney Crossy Road secret character.


This is a chain of interconnected players. Now play as Harp Player and score more than 150 points to add Drummer to the roster.

The Orator

Play as Sally Slater from the Haunted Mansion and hop 100 times to obtain the Orator.

Ezra Beane

This character is acquired over multiple runs. While playing as Phineas Plump, get armor to chase you. Hop away from the armor to stay alive. Repeat this for 25 times and you will get Ezra Beane.

Monsters Inc.

Sim Kid

Sim Kid will be lying in his bed when you run as a monster. Scare him 10 times across multiple runs to get the Sim Kid on your team.



While playing as any character from the Haunted Mansion, lit 30 candles over multiple runs to get this Disney Crossy Road secret character.

Mickey & Friends


Play as Pete from Mickey & Friends set and score 100 points to unlock Butch.

Golden Harp

Play as Willie the giant and hop 100 times to get the Golden Harp.

Detective Casey

Play as Chief Bogo from Zootopia and make 50 criminals surrender to get Chief O’Hara. Once you have chief O’Hara, get run over by a police car for five times. This will get you the character.

Inside Out

Abstract Bing Bong

You will find a grey and red-colored door on your run while playing as Bing Bong. Go to the door and try to open it. You will be shut into the door and you will get this Disney Crossy Road secret character at the end of your run.

Abstract Sadness

This character is pretty simple to find. Once you have unlocked Abstract Bing Bong, play as one and get Abstract Sadness at the end of your run.

Abstract Joy

While playing as Abstract Bing Bong, find Joy standing on your path. Interact with her and she will turn to Abstract Joy at the very moment. Then when you die, the character will be added to your roster.


Find Bing Bong on your run as Dave and dash into him to unlock Frank.

Wreck-It Ralph

Gloyd Orangeboar

Play as Rancis Fluggerbutter and score over 1500 points in a single run to unlock Gloyd Orangeboar. This sounds very difficult, but there is a trick to it. While playing as Rancis, you will find candies scattered across the path. Collect the candies and your score will multiply greatly.


Unlock Gloyd Orangeboar first to unlock this character. While playing as Gloyd, score 1500 points in less than 35 seconds to add Jubileena to your roster.


While playing as Taffity Muttonfudge, score a minimum of 1500 points to unlock this Disney Crossy Road secret character.


Similar to unlocking Snowanna, only this time you have to play as Candlehead and score 1500+ points.

Adorabeezle Winterpop

Once you have unlocked Crumbelina, score at least 1500 points within 35 seconds while playing as one to add Adorabeezle to the roster.

The Jungle Book

Classic Baloo

You will need a Baloo to unlock the Classic Baloo. You can either win or buy Baloo in Disney Crossy Road. Play as Baloo and find the fruit trees. Stand near the trees and wait until Baloo eats the fruit. Repeat this for 10 times and you will get your retro character from The Jungle Book.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Vegetable Soldier

Play as Green Army Man from Toy Story and find a magnifying glass. The glass will be shining a beam on your path. Step into the beam and wait until you are melted. This will unlock the Vegetable Soldier.



Play as Rapunzel in the Tangled version and get trampled by horses on five different runs. When you get trampled by a horse on your last run and you die, this Disney Crossy Road secret character will be added to your team.

Wreck-It Rhino

This character can be obtained over multiple runs. While playing as Wreck-It-Ralph, smash 50 objects on your run. You can shatter objects by collecting a cherry. Wreck the objects and get Wreck-It-Rhino unlocked.

Big Hero 6

Fred’s Dad

Play as the son Fred from Big Hero 6 and hop 250 times in a single course of the run to unlock his dad.


Getting this character is quite challenging but not impossible. Play as Hiro Hamada and jump at least 50 times in 15 seconds to unlock Yama. Just keep tapping your screen as quickly as possible.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Stray Cat

Play as the great Jack Sparrow and start jumping across the ships. After some time you will find a treasure chest. Open the chest and find the Stray Cat waiting for you.

Ghost Shark

Get caught by Ghost Shark 10 times to unlock one for yourself.


Golden Scarab Beetle

You will require to play as two different characters to get this one. Play as Jafar and Gazeem and find one half of the Golden Scarab Beetle as playing each character. When you have both the halves, you will get the Golden Scarab Beetle.

Magic Lamp

Play as The Genie and zap 25 items to unlock this Disney Crossy Road secret character.



Play as any character from the Zootopia and hop 30 times within 30 seconds to unlock Priscilla.

The Business Lemming

You will find a popsicle in the ice while playing as Nick Wilde. Jump on the ice and you will unlock Business Lemming.


General Li

Play as Captain Li Shang and jump 100 times in a single run to unlock the General.


Run through the Chicken Pen while playing as Little Brother to add Chicken to your roster.

The Incredibles

The Underminer

You will have to find The Underminer’s drill while playing as Mr. Incredible to get this Disney Crossy Road secret character.

Helen Parr

Find three characters, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, while playing as Mrs. Incredible.

Beauty And The Beast

War Hero Gaston

Play as Gaston and score at least 250 points in a single run to get this character.

Lilo And Stitch


While playing as Space Suit Stitch, get hit by a car 10 times.

Rescue Lady

Find five dogs while playing as Lilo from the collection to get the Rescue Lady.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Undersea Gal

Play as Sally and get drowned 25 times. This will end your run each time, but award you with the Undersea Gal character.



Play as Lightning McQueen and complete a lap in less than 20 seconds.


Unlock Rusty first and then complete 3 laps in a single race to get Dusty.

Florida 500 Ramone

Play as Ramone and die on exactly 99 hops to unlock this Disney Crossy Road secret character.

Cars 3 Ramone

First, unlock Florida 500 Ramone and die from pursuing cars 10 times to get Cars 3 Ramone.

Follow this list to unlock all Disney Crossy Road secret characters. If you want to collect secret characters from the original version of the game, you can read our Crossy Road secret characters guide. You can visit our guides section to read more guides on mobile and video games.