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Crossy Road: How To Unlock Secret Characters

Best ways to find and unlock all the hidden characters in Crossy Road

Almost every game has a set of characters with unique features and advantages. But Crossy Road has taken this idea of having a roster to an entirely different level. They have introduced secret characters in Crossy Road that cannot be obtained from the prize machine or in-app purchases. You get these hidden characters as you keep on playing the game and complete certain tasks that are not known to you. This can take a lot of time if you don’t know the specific tricks. In this guide, you will learn how to unlock all the secret characters in Crossy Road.

Unlock all Hidden Characters in Crossy Road

Here’s a list of all the secret characters in Crossy Road with tricks to find each of them.

Hipster Whale

Hipster Whale will be found swimming in the water. Jump on it and you will unlock it.


All it needs is to go crazy. Swipe left and right randomly for more than 50 times and you will get the Crab. You will also have to score at least 40, which is not easy considering that you have to swipe 50 times.

Coconut Water

You need the Tourist to get Coconut Water Mascot. You will receive the Tourist through a prize machine or you can purchase him from the store. When you collect at least 5 coconut cocktails playing as the tourist, you will get coconut water.

The Totem

The Totem is found in the water. While playing as any Monument Valley character, hop aboard to unlock it.

Michael Boom

Collide with a truck carrying a rocket on its back to get it. Your run will end but you will get Michael Boom.

Purple Bloop

Run as Grablin and fight off different characters that will appear in the RPG minigame. Once you defeat any one of them having a minimum of 35 level, you will get a Purple Bloop.


Another secret character in Crossy Road that is found in water. Play as any of the UK or Ireland characters and hop onto it.

Pro Gamer

Use any Korean Character and achieve a score of at least 50. Sounds simple right? It is not. You cannot be idle for a long time while trying to achieve the aforementioned score. You need to be always on the move is to speed down straight paths. It is also advisable to swipe left and right while jumping or during downtime.

Andy Sum

Andy Sum is one of the developers of Crossy Road. To get this hidden character, you will have to play as Mallard and score at least 85% of your own high score. When the target is crossed, there will be a pop up on your screen saying “great score.” This is when you unlock Andy Sum.

Ben Weatherall

Similar to getting Andy Sum, except that this time you will have to play as the Dark Lord (Crossy Road Version).

Matt Hall

Similar to getting Andy Sum and Ben Weatherall. You guessed it right, you will have to play as another character. This time it will be as the Lucky Cat.


Complete all the arctic cleaning missions while playing as Polar Bear.

Phone Box

Keep the parade going by achieving 100 points using any of the British characters. After reaching 100 points, you will pass a Phone Box and it will be all yours to play with.


You will have to lose your life to get Yeti on your roster. While playing as any Christmas character, find it flinging snowballs. Get in the way of the snowball and obtain Yeti.


One of the four ghosts, which is achievable by playing as Pac-Man and adding a score of 2,500. The number alone might sound difficult, but it is not because you can achieve it over multiple runs.


It’s time to turn the tables around. Play as Pac-chicken and go on the hunt for Pac-Man. Allow Pac-Man to swallow you and the ghost of Blinky will be unlocked.


Seeing a connection here? Pinky is also a ghost secret character in Crossy Road. Obtain all hidden cherries while using Pac-Chicken to unlock Pinky.


Eat 7 or more ghosts on the one power pellet while playing as Pac-Man to get this ghoul.


Get all your characters killed one after the other. Yes, that’s it. Once you have unlocked all the Arctic characters, lead them into the water. when your last character is drowned you will be rewarded with Iceberg.


Only crazy things can unleash madness. Eat at least 50 burgers while using Rocky and achieve a high score to get the Ace.


Play as the Paleontologist and collect each dinosaur bones piece scattered around the map. When you gather the entire set, you will unlock Bones.

The Princess of All Cosmos

As a Prince, accumulate at least 12 items in Katamari ball to get the Princess.

The King of All Cosmos

The process and number of items required to unlock both the Princess and the King is the same. The only difference is that the Prince is a little biased towards the Princess. Hence, the Princess will be unlocked first and then the King.

The Queen of All Cosmos

Use the King to get the Queen. King of All Cosmos can spew rainbows and hit objects with it. Hit and blast as many objects as you can while playing as the King of All Cosmos to unlock the Queen.

Chinese Monster

Find the Chinese Monster on the map while playing as the New Year’s Doll. Catch the monster and it will be added to your team as a playable character.


Keep dodging obstacles and moving forward while playing as a Festive Chicken. You will reach a snowy plain and find a Christmas Tree. Hit the tree and a few presents will spill out. You will find your character in those presents.


Scoop every clover you see while playing as any of the UK or Ireland characters. When you scoop a four-leaf clover, you will get Leprechaun. Luck will play its part here.

Cai Shen

Use any Chinese character and collect 20 red envelopes. You will have to collect these envelopes over multiple rounds.

Rugby Player

You will have to jump on a tree to unlock the Rugby Player. Hence you will have to play as the Squirrel. While playing as the Squirrel, collect four nuts on a run. Once you have the required four nuts, you will see a rugby ball stuck on a tree. Get that rugby ball the unlock your character.

Drop Bear

When you take a run as an Aussie character, you will find this bear taking cover in a tree. Get close to that tree and the Bear will jump on you. You will be killed, but you will have the reward that you want.

This is how you can unlock all secret characters in Crossy Road. Read more of our latest mobile game guides only on GamerTweak.