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How To Heal Dislocated Limbs In Starfield

This guide explains how to heal dislocated limbs and whether or not they are fatal in Starfield.

In the harsh and unforgiving environments of outer space exploration in Starfield, injuries are unfortunate. One potentially debilitating affliction players may face is a dislocated limb. Whether caused by a fall, hostile creature attack, or treacherous terrain, an injury resulting in a joint becoming displaced can limit mobility. We’ll talk about how to cure dislocated limbs in Starfield.

How to Cure Dislocated Limbs in Starfield

How To Heal Dislocated Limbs In Starfield

Your character may suffer fractures or broken limbs while exploring the vast landscapes. A nasty fall or being hit in combat is a common cause of broken limbs or bones in the game. Fortunately, there are a few reliable ways to heal these injuries.

Take Medication

The easiest way to heal a fractured limb is using medical supplies in your inventory. Look for any item labeled as repairing broken bones, such as Panacea, Repairing Immobilizer, or Heal Paste. Use the item from your Aid menu to fix your fracture quickly. These supplies can be purchased from vendors or found as loot.

Visit the Doctor

If you don’t have the necessary medical items, head to the nearest settlement with a doctor. Doctor Alexi Lebedev in The Reliant Medical Center from New Atlantis is a reliable option. Enter the clinic and select the prompt to ask for medical assistance. The doctor will heal all wounds and injuries for a small fee. You can also purchase medical supplies from a doctor.

Can You Die from a Dislocated Limb?

A dislocated limb is not fatal but can severely disrupt your travels. The severity of the fracture, indicated by the prognosis level, with poor being the most severe, may prevent the limb from healing naturally. It is recommended that you have it repaired as soon as possible.

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