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MHR Sunbreak: How To Cure Frenzy

Wondering how to Cure Frenzy in MHR Sunbreak? We have you covered.

Monster Hunter Rise is an action RPG that tasks players with challenging missions and quests. While you progress in the game, be prepared to damage and attack various monsters with weapons, tools, and environmental features. While MHR is the sixth installment in the Monster Hunter series, it dropped an expansion for the game, Sunbreak. Additionally, the game has various monsters you fight along with some who have ailing attacks in their arsenal. One such is Gore Magala who can hit you with the Frenzy ailment. So let’s check out this guide to see how to cure Frenzy in MHR Sunbreak.

How to Cure Frenzy in MHR Sunbreak

MHR Sunbreak Cure Frenzy

Frenzy makes your monster fight even more intimidating since this ailment inflicted upon you can ease your defeat. It is an ailment that Gore Magala inflicts with its area of effect damage and traditional attacks that it uses. If you are affected by Frenzy, your natural healing is completely wiped off. Along with this, you take increased damage during this fight with Gore Magala.

There is no traditional cure for Frenzy, although the beginning of the virus can be fought by damaging monsters. Along with this, the maturation period can be prolonged with the consumption of a Nulberry or by stepping through a Portable Steam Bomb. If the incubation takes place, the only way to cure it is to either sleep in the base camp bed or remain inside a Portable Steam Bomb for a few seconds.

Frenzy has been a part of the game since Gore Magala was introduced in Monster Hunter 4. If you manage to cure the Frenzy Virus, you will receive an affinity bonus, and become immune to being infected for several minutes.

That’s all you need from this guide on how to cure Frenzy in MHR Sunbreak. While you are here make sure you check out All Monster Weakness, and other Monster Hunter Rise guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.